Letter from the Editor
March 2020 | Puzzled

Letter from the Editor

Once we put down the bottle and embrace the program of AA and fold the Step and tools into our lives, we alcoholics, now sober, begin to gain some emotional sobriety. We become useful; we don’t fight the world as we once did; we learn to let go and find peace and contentment. This month’s special section features wonderful examples of such changes by AA members who have done just this. 

In the story “The Best Thing in Life Aren’t Things,” a long-time member from Tasmania shares about his years in AA, and how much he’s learned to cherish laughter and enjoy life as it is. Facing retirement, a woman in Texas uses her precious AA tools to step out of her comfort zone and take on a new adventure in “Embracing Change.” After 44 years of sobriety, a man in New Jersey says he’s convinced that this serenity business is not half bad in “Staying Alive.” And in the humorous story “My Monkey Mind,” a delegate in California tells how AA mercifully helps keep his mind from swinging from branch to branch all day in the same old tree. 

Grapevine and La Viña are wonderful Twelfth Step tools to help reach alcoholics, whether in detoxes, rehabs, jails—or even right in our own home groups. Check out our 2020 “Carry the Message” initiative. It’s a great way to get gift subscriptions into the hands of an alcoholic in need. Get your groups, districts and areas involved! For more info, see page 7. 

And as always, please send us your stories, artwork, jokes and comments at www.aagrapevine.org/share. Have a story about a particular Step or Tradition you can share? Can you draw cartoons about sobriety, drinking or meetings? Send them in! We need them.

Enjoy the issue and stay warm and sober this March!

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