We Stick to What Works
May 2024 | How the Steps Changed My Life | Tradition Five

We Stick to What Works

While trying to help someone through the Steps, he got an important reminder to stay close to our primary purpose

I had the chance to work with a man who had been attending a nearby Big Book Step Study meeting that I frequented from time to time. I met with him after the meeting and he agreed to my conditions to sponsor him, specifically that I was in his life to bring him through the Steps. He would develop his own relationship with God, while acknowledging  that I was not an expert or mentor in any other way and would share my experience in the AA program with him. If we gained a friendship as a result, I told him, that would be great, but friendship was not the main reason for my sponsorship. He agreed to my terms, and we started to go carefully through the Big Book. 


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