As the U.S. and Canada begin the cautious reopening of communities and businesses, our January, February, March, April and May Grapevine and Jan/Feb-May/June La Viña issues Have remained available and free to all
until June 30th, 2020.


For those who wish to take advantage of our new downloadable, digital ePub version of Grapevine (including audio), we are making it available at a rate of only $1.99 per issue (even less with a year or more subscription and the ability to cancel at any time).

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Find on our Youtube channel some original audio stories as well as other videos.

Effective January 1, 2021

Grapevine and La Viña magazines will be implementing price changes.

The Audiobook: “The Language of the Heart"

In English, French, and Spanish: MP3 download or CD.

The Grapevine Daily Quote Books

Now available in English, French, and Spanish! COVID-19

General Service Office (GSO) updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Important Updates

Important Updates from AA Grapevine Inc.

Grapevine and La Viña were created for such a time as this.