Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published March 2011.

Web Exclusive: Finding Love Again on AA Campus

The work in AA has helped this couple bring their relationship to a richer, deeper level.

"In the course of becoming a running buddy and a friend, I was starting to fall in love again."

I was six months short of 40 when I took my last drink. My two children were in junior high and high school, driving me crazy, and I had a marriage that was in the final stages of destruction. I learned in my sobriety that my drinking was the primary cause of the misery in my life although I didn’t think so. I was very angry to learn from the winners that I was not to make any major changes in relationships the first year of my sobriety because I wanted a divorce, and that would solve most of my problems. But I wanted what you had and I listened and followed the advice. My attitude...

-- Robert M.

Carrollton, Texas