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On the right road

March 2023 | Get Into Service
Sandy’s class got him on the highway to AA. Once he passed the test, he got to return the favor

Father knows best

March 2023 | Get Into Service
Desperate to stop craving beer, he confessed to his priest. Luckily, his answer was right downstairs

Retired. Now what?

March 2023 | Get Into Service
After 34 years of being a boss, she’s not sure what comes next. Thankfully she knows to use her AA tools

Sober at 75

March 2023 | Get Into Service
It took a while for alcohol to catch up to him and even longer for him to admit it. But oh, life is so much better now

Speaking of Trauma

March 2023 | Get Into Service
A longtime member shares his journey of buried wounds and the importance of getting outside help

The Man in Dakar

March 2023 | Get Into Service
I jumped from my seat. I demanded that we didn’t need AA. I remember feeling embarrassed after my tirade because he just continued to speak politely.

A Dream Come True

March 2023 | Get Into Service
It was Kathy and her guitar, and me in my wheelchair with an oxygen bottle. My sponsor, a resident there, joined in the singing. It was a high I won’t ever forget.

Lonely & New

March 2023 | Get Into Service
Isolating and drinking alone at home had been so lonely. Luckily, my new involvement in AA service committees became a way for me to fill that idle time with usefulness.

Discussion Topic

March 2023 | Get Into Service
Getting into service!

At Wit’s End

March 2023 | Get Into Service


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