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Becoming a GVR for my group.

Hello all, I am new to the GVR role, I saw I could become a GVR and presented this to my group at the business meeting. What do I do, what does this involve. I realize I have put the cart before the horse, but hey, I am an alcoholic... lol.. Is there a format I can review.

Bridging the Gap

I would like to become a bridging the gap volenteer for Dist.31 in area#75.could someone please help me get started with this? My name is Bob V.

Guess how many grapes are in this jar?

Guessing how many grapes are in the jar? $1.00 each guess or 6 for $5.00 will when you a Grapevine book of your choice or an ebook; even a new edtion of Young & Sober!
Joan H. GV chair 15-8

Grape Guessing Game

We had a great time with this idea at the TX State Convention only it was a contest for free. Raffles are frowned upon by the Attorney General's office due to laws regarding gambling. Everyone had a great time and the winner received a copy of the 25th Edition of the Language of the Heart. Would definitely do this again since it created such interest in the Grapevine and people really got serious pulling out their calculators and phone apps.
Barbara G. SETA 67 Grapevine Chair

Grapevine Rep.

In our District we have a sub-committee chair for Grapevine, and he has a committee that setup displays at meetings to sell the literature. It works very well for us, some nights they may be setup at 3 meetings. This gives everyone an opportunity to see what is available, especially what is new.

Like they say don't keep the Grapevine a secret.
Leo R

Our tuesday night speaker mtg we have a book raffle.

We raffle of 3 books. 1 BB 1 12&12 and another book. We have ordered 2 subsciptions of the GV and during our raffle twice a month we raffle off the GV received from our subsciption.

Joni pk MI

Why Not Include Some GV Books?

How about raffling off some GV books. They are great and not widely enough read. Language of the Heart is Bill W.s writings in the GV. What better prize?

We do. We almost always

We do. We almost always raffle off a 12 & 12 and BB. Third third book is from other AA lit. Those you have mentioned and others.

geting subscribers

At our friday night speaker mtg in Ventura, Ca. we sell raffle tickets before the mtg. If we sell enough tickets for a subscription then pick a ticket outa the can and usually who ever wins gives it to a newly sober person.
Any other ideas out there, thanx. mitch s., ventura, ca. usa.

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