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Already learning!

After saying hello on this forum, I just read through the posts and already have gotten some good ideas. I was one of those slow starters, after volunteering to be our district's GvR, but I'm getting going now. Better late than never, I guess. Thanks for all the good ideas.

supplies for 70 anniversary celebration

I am a new GVR and was wondering if there are any decorations available to celebrate the Grapevines 70 year anniversary at our district picnic on June 22nd?

new grapevine rep.

it has been several years since our group has had a gvr..i signed up and was nominated at our group conscience meeting.. the problem is.. i dont know what to do.. or how to do it.. i am trying to get some material because our group has nothing.. i need to know how to get order cards and sample material to be able to show our members and offer for sale..please help.

I don't know but you may have

I don't know but you may have gotten an answer to your questions by now. Go to the AAGrapevine website, click on Resources/Gvr. Go to the right and scroll down. You will see Tools and resources and under that, click on Comp Material request form. There you can fill out the form and Grapvine will send you what you have checked on the form. Lannett

what to do

When you sign up to become a GVR you will receive in the mail a welcome kit with sample material. you can share with your group as well as order forms.

Welcome! There are lots of

Welcome! There are lots of great tools available to help us serve - I use this website all the time! I started by ordering some of the free materials (go to http://www.aagrapevine.org/gvr and scroll to "tools and resources.") There's a handbook you can download, as well as a request form for free materials. I've used the materials to build a display for my group and district, and keep them handy to pass out at birthday night, speaker meetings, etc.) I also make a report at each group conscience meeting about what's "new" with the Grapevine/La Vina (ex: deadlines for submissions of personal stories, artwork, etc.), announce free services (message of the day, sobriety counter, caption contest, etc.), and encourage others to subscribe/renew their subscriptions.
Another way my group participates is by gifting a one-year subscription to our 1-year birthday celebrants. I know of other groups that hold raffles for a subscription at every speaker meeting.
If your district has a Grapevine Committee, see when they meet and go seek out their ideas. If there isn't a committee, maybe your DCM can help you get in touch with other GVR's in your district for some brainstorming on how to become one effective unit of servants :)
The thing I've found most helpful is to start small and not be afraid to ask questions. (And know that by the time I figure out what I'm doing my rotation will be up!)
Best wishes!
In service,
Jenny B.


Great suggestions Jenny, Thank-You!


My homegroup has never had a GVR so I nominated myself for the position. I was hoping for some tips about what I exactly do in this position.

New GvR

Hi there! I'm so glad that you're interested to carry the message about the Grapevine to your group and hopefully the still suffering alcoholics out there.

I always tell new GvRs to announce when the new Grapevine magazine is available. You can get an individual subscription or a group subscription. Tell them some interesting topics in the monthly magazine that they might be able to use for meeting topics. Encourage members to contribute their own story, artwork, jokes, etc. The Grapevine is always looking for experience, strength, and hope from our fellowship around the world. Sign up for the FREE quote of the day on aagrapevine.org and read the workbook. The website has lots of information.

In love and service,

Grapevine Subscriiption Renewal

Does AA Grapevine have a automatic renewal process or E-mail reminder for subscriptions?

No, you will need to

No, you will need to resubscribe each year and remind others to do so as well.

Love in Service
West Jordan UT

How do I get the 15 Groups in our District..........

Hi, I am new too working on the Grapevine. I volunteered to be the District Grapevine Rep because I love it and want to get the Groups to have material at their Business meetings for the GGVR so they can tell the members and newcomers that there is a service position open for that. I have put together a 7 page letter and a Grapevine magazine with updated subscription form and an AA meeting card describing what they do. I will report about it at our next District meeting. What do you think?

Wow! That is a terrific

Wow! That is a terrific idea!

District GVR

I am a Grapevine Rep who has tried by having a table at my own home group's anniversary. Many people saw the variety of GV material for the first time. Also there were many comments like "Language of the Heart, Great book, I have that!" Further, my intention was to auction off a few great grapevine books with a year's subscription. It never was approved by the district. I obviously think it is a great idea and shall try again. I like the idea of a package you put together, but I would skip the 7 page letter. I will up date too, and look forward to your update.

Reading is sometimes not our strong suit

My guess is that a 7 page letter won't get read. Far better if you are able to visit their business meetings and ask for five minutes in advance to talk about Grapevine materials and what GV reps can do for the group.

RE: How...

Your enthusiasm is wonderful. One thing I would note from my experience is that sometimes less is more. The 7 page letter will be good for the members who want to dig in - but it can be helpful to have a one-page flyer to get people's attention. My district has a flyer for every group that asks "Do you have a Grapevine Rep.?" It then has information on our meeting time. ALSO- please don't get discouraged if you don't get an immediate response. It can take a while for groups to find reps and for those reps to do what they are supposed to and better yet, find the passion for the Grapevine that you have. Keep trying, keep talking about it.


Last month I attended the Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (fondly known as PRAASA) in Bellevue, WA. PRAASA -- is a yearly assembly held in different parts of the Pacific Region of Alcoholics Anonymous.
The purpose of PRAASA is to develop greater unity among the members, groups, and areas of the Pacific Region; to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences; and to provide an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent aspects of A.A. So for me to have the opportunity to hear GVR’s from the Pacific Region share what they are doing in their area was totally awesome! I’m looking forward to using what I learned from them.

GVR's in Pacific Region

What are some of the ideas that they shared with you? would love to hear more feedback.

Carrying the message via grapevine!

GVR's give a back issue with a phone list to newcomers at meetings. A grapevine display will be at our Thanksgiving and Christmas alcothon, several GVRs will take turns manning the table. We also use GV cd's and books as raffle prizes at some of the speaker meetings. I visit meetings in our district (sometimes with GVR's or other AA members) with the Grapevine display. Being our district's GRV has refreshed my soberity and helps me to get out of my comfort zone to meet new people, while carrying the message of recovery via the grapevine!

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