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Many times I wonder why

Many times I wonder why people do not stay in the group, but I never think that the atmosphere in the group surely a good cause for all these people disappear from the group. If the group is disengaged is difficult for a newcomer to stay in it, sometimes it is also difficult for veterans, unless you have a huge need to stay. I have not met a masochist in the group. I have not met anyone in the group who likes discussions, fights and disagreements. If every three months are any kind of discord, always reach a point that is hard to come to the meetings. I remember three people who spent half hour talking loudly about the industry that was in the twon, which made a fellow stopped coming to meetings and had bad atmosphere in the meeting.

One of our members came up

One of our members came up with a great quote " Impatience is Anger Jr."
I will add--We all know where anger, can lead us.


One our members came up with a great line---" Impatience is Anger Jr."---I will add--- we all know what anger can lead to.


putting it in gods hands,i just need to stay out of his road and let my maker do the work

I am grateful today.

I am grateful today.

The second tradition says,

The second tradition says, suggests to me, it suggest me do not make decisions of the group; that consense group with people that composes it. To request the opinion on decisions that affects the group as a whole. Pride tells me that I take all the decisions, it's too hard to ask the opinion of all the companions, or at least a substantial part, my seniority allows me to make decisions without consulting all things, that I can rule the group indefinitely. This pride has always led me to fail, at home, at work and of course in the program and services. Perhaps I may need to change this attitude that has always given me bad results.


KISS Keep it Simple Sir or Madame

Dr. Bob knew us very well, he

Dr. Bob knew us very well, he knew how problem we are. We get caught up in unnecessary complications and difficulties having a simple program and some simple traditions; if we had a complicated program a complicated traditions or a complicated structure we would be completely unable to function even despite our stubbornness and our stubbornness.

Do we really know the program

Do we really know the program of Alcoholics Anonymous? Perhaps, you have reason and lots of people don´t understand the program. A partner of Gijon whenever talking about doctors says AA doesn´t recommended going to a psychiatrist, when a chapter of the book "Living Sober", it has wrote and edited by Alcoholics Anonymous, is entitled to seek professional help. Whenever we talk about the eighth tradition he says employees GSO should not charge. When I was three years in the fellowship and I was talking with a "veteran" he told me that he gave no importance to have a few drinks at the weekend. I really do not understand many companions much, if any, of the program. Why any people misunderstand the program? I don´t know.

RE: Dr. Bob knew us very well, he

In my opinion Dr. Bob had a better understanding of the
alcoholic nature than his partner Bill W. Dr. Bob had been
involved with the Oxford Groups about two years, trying
to find a way to stop drinking. He wrote that he got
tight every night. The Oxford Group solution did not work
for Dr. Bob, and does not work for most alcoholics today.
Our Alcoholics Anonymous Program is complicated and we
are just too stubborn to recognize and admit it. Most AA
members today have little or no understanding of the
Traditions. Concepts? What's that. ANONYMOUS

Complicated Progra m

Oh how I agree that "Our Alcoholics Anonymous Program is complicated and we are just too stubborn to recognize and admit it. Most AA members today have little or no understanding"--of much about AA at all. The structure that used to exist in strong groups is not found in the newer ones, and there are many.

But structure isn't all that is necessary. If the fellowship among members is strong, that's all that is necessary. That is what the early groups existed on until the 12 Steps were formalized. And of course the Traditions came along much later, at least in written form.

But what makes it so complicated? Some times it is the insistence that the Steps are NOT just "suggestions", but must be taken literally. God is highly stressed in some places whether the new member is one of those "we agnostics," and the older members forget, or ignore, that the Big Book says that is to be expected but that eventually the agnostic might come around. At the very least, the group itself, as Bill W. stated so well, must be the first HP because without it there is no unity, service or recovery. Yet that principle of the group as HP is actually denounced in some places.

And then OMG!, what about the adamant atheist, not only the ones who lost their faith and "will not" believe, as the Big Book defines them, but who stand on principle and "cannot" believe, the ones who the Big Book totally ignores, as if they didn't exist? Are they to be excluded? If every member spoke at meetings only in the first person of his/her own experiences, strengths and hopes and left everyone else's inventories alone, then those who don't believe as others do would still find their way.

Isn't that what we want for all alcoholics? "When ANYONE, anywhere, reaches out for help," we all want the hand of AA to be there--and for that we are all responsible.

RE:Complicated Program OMG!

Oh My Gosh, where have you been? That is the "path" I have
been trying to explain for what seems like years. Yes, those who don't believe as others do would still find
their way. Any alcoholic approaching Alcoholics Anonymous
anywhere ought to find the same thing, acceptance, love,
and tolerance. There ought not be any pushing or prodding
on our part. Let king alcohol be the enforcer. If we only
share our own experience, strength, and hope, there is
nothing for the newcomer, or anyone else, to resist. Why
give anyone a reason or excuse not to return. The Big
Book was written when AA was just separating from the
Oxford Groups and their absolutes. Some of the members
insisted that the Big Book and the fellowship/program
MUST be offered in a suggestive manner. We lay the
tools at the feet of prospects. We ought not even tell
them they have to pick up the tools if they want to
get well. Let the newcomer decide. But with pride in
hand, we point to the tools and say: Well, if you want
what we have, you will have to do what we tell you to do.
Joe here is your sponsor. He will tell you what to do.
We all know what those demands are. ANONYMOUS

For years reject the prayer

For years reject the prayer and meditation, during all these years was a victim of my weakness of character, my fears and my aggressiveness. Now that I try to practice meditation begun to find relief to my nerves and I managed to control the anger and aggression, I hope to get my anger and my resentments disappear, by the grace of God and the help of Alcoholics Anonymous

"The Twelve Steps ... are

"The Twelve Steps ... are simple in language, plain in meaning. They are also workable by any person having a sincere desire to obtain and keep sobriety. The results are the proof. Their simplicity and workability are such that no special interpretations, and certainly no reservations, have ever been necessary. And it has become increasingly clear that the degree of harmonious living which we achieve is in direct ratio to our earnest attempt to follow them literally under divine guidance to the best of our ability."

I Love Dr Bob! so honest and straightforward. no need for special interpretations, try to follow the steps literally under divine guidence and you will get out of the steps what you put into them. This has certainly been my experience.

Thank you grapevine for all the years of the meeting in print, and know the "what's on your mind" forum! the grapevine archive is also awsome!

the twelve steps r:

If the twelve steps are proof why is the membership dropping so much!could it be that AA and NA are not so much as they appear as I have found out myself after many times of going threw the steps and traditions.It may help those that rely on someone holding there hand for the rest of there lives and not thinking for them selves.I feal sorry for those unfortunates !!


I was a daily drinker for almost 20 years. With 5 sons, an emotionally abusive husband, poverty,the list of reasons to drink are endless. When I found AA, the particular group of people I have come to accept as my home group have saved my life. i no longer feel self-pity, my shame is gone, and my desire to stop drinking came to a miraculously fast halt. I am thankful beyond words for the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have found God, Peace, and a gift that noone can touch or take away.

today's quote

This is exactly what is going on in my life right now. I thought I may be loosing my mind, not being able to control my emotions! Nice to see others are having the same experience!!!

today's quote

This is exactly what is going on in my life right now. I thought I may be loosing my mind, not being able to control my emotions! Nice to see others are having the same experience!!!

Thank You to the people at the Grapevine

When I called for my subscription to the Grapevine in September, the nice lady on the line said I should easily get the October issue.

Well, it was less than 1 week when I received September's issue!! It really made my day.

The magazine can never replace our Big Book, of course, but something in this months issue really said it best: "The short stories in the Grapevine helped me when my attention span was so short in the beginning days of sobriety."

I am very grateful for "our meeting in print." Thank You to all who write in, and those who work so hard to get it in the mail.

Process of Identification

From the time I started drinking I felt different. I needed a couple of drinks to feel like I belonged wherever I was. I immediately felt like I belonged at my first AA meetings because those present identified simply as alcoholics and described their drinking.
It was quite a while before I started hearing alcoholic/addicts, atheist addicts, and all the other 'special' types of alcoholics. Too bad we can't all just be alcoholics again.

Grapevine quote of the day.

Keeps me thinking about my program thru out the day. Helps me stay
centered on the beam.

Grapevine quote of the day.

Keeps me thinking about my program thru out the day. Helps me stay
centered on the beam.

... no drink today (thanks be to god & a a)

... & a bit of co-operation (sanity) on my part. it has been years since i have been carpetBombed with the flu (day six Now) - surely in so many ways blows my "spirituality" out the window. so the statement no drink today = good & if i could visualize or realize - this too shall pass. stay well all,watch out for germ warfare -

... the pre amble

... one of the - of all of the many aspects of a a. the preamble - begins our meeting(s). a moment of silence precedes the reading. the mobility of a meeting is carried within this short statement. the folded card - the declaration of "i am responsible". the twelve & the twelve. a mobile meeting ! anywhere / anytime two or more are gathered - "our primary purpose is to stay sober (now really see this as a power packed starting point!) & ... to help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety". many a time a meeting comes "out of the blue".

one day at a 11

had gravings today, I wanted a drink sooo bad. I did not give in, I will continue to fight and not give up. thank god I got threw this day.

I've been 18 years in

I've been 18 years in Alcoholics Anonymous but the distance to the next drink is the exact length of my arm. I never remember that I was a drunk for seven years of my life, that the distance that separates me to continue my career alcoholic's have a drink. I keep forgetting I get same or worse than the newcomers. I must make the effort to remember my last drunkeness to remember how and why I came to Alcoholics Anonymous.
When reacted with anger and contempt I am very close to returning to what it was, a drunk. When I look bad the newcomer, women, etc.., Back to closer to what I was. When I demand to other services do not want to do, or do I prevent that I like to do to me, or both, I become a drunk. When I do presentations on the program instead of having as practical, or displays of knowledge do the steps, traditions, services, I'm becoming a pedant and I walk away from the sobriety that I really want.

grapevine quote

Indeed today's quote is so true. I am only a drink away of ruining my life. I have so many
times ruined my life because of a drink. No more. Went to an Old Timers Celebration yesterday.
Meeting people who have had 30-40 years of sobriety is amazing. This program is teaching me every
day that there are good people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand to conquer alcoholism
in anyone that wants sobriety. I love this program.

A greatful recovering alcoholic in NH

... god - the "large" book & me

... two or more are gathered - i liked this view. still like it signed, otis

two people together can stay clean and sober. how many

Hold my hand out to all in a.a
.thanks. dave e. A.

I visit te AA Grapevine often

I thank the AA Grapevine staff for the daily quotes they are ,online at the AAGRAPEVINE web page , sent to my email inbox , and make great topics to share .

When I drank, people judged

When I drank, people judged me and looked at me ill. When you reach the peer group judged me and I looked ill, but as I wanted to stop drinking I stay however. We had a bad habit of judging the newcomer, the relapsed, the women, transvestites, we pay in our recovery, as said the The Lord. "Do not judge your brother because the same measure you measure you will be measured". Trully we were the most ridiculous I've ever met, why do not more ridiculous than a drunk who has reached the lowest of his career alcoholic judging another drunk, another partner.

Accion was the solution for

Accion was the solution for finih my studys, Accion was the solution for get work and Accion is the solution that I have for get a good sobriety.

... i do not know th@ it is so much a defying as ...

... an inability to be described or pidgeon*holed.

... now i seem to know th@ no replies are available -

... i am @ wits end in trying to relieve my mom of her torment & confusion. this forum thing is only a sounding board. i should not expect any answers or suggestions to ... keep on trying. i am disappointed in this forum. now @least i seem to know th@ no one responds.

Mom's disease

Only when she wants help or the courts order her to treatment can anything be done. And this is the same for all of us in the family of alcoholics. No one can help an alkie who doesn't want it. It is hearbreaking to watch, and most important that you take care of yourself first. Maybe go to Alanon for the families and friends. Answers you seek are there.

now I seem to know that no replies available

I AM responding. You cannot do it for your mom. I am a mom and put my kids through what you're going through for years. They tried everything but until I decided that I HAD to do something because I just couldn't live like that anymore, nothing anyone said or did made any difference. It's not that no one cares; it's just that there isn't a solution like the one you're asking for. Sorry for your heartache.

despair & it is not mine.

... despair & it is not mine - yes meetings do the trick @ times - i ask god for help - "he" must be way busier with more urgent requests. again ? does anyone read these posts aside from staff. dislike being so self absorbed - i take care of me mum - alzheimer / dementia / puzzlement. bye for now.

The achievements I had, if I

The achievements I had, if I had any in the past are the result of my efforts and the help of God and many people who helped me. MI sobriety is a result of the help of AA. But I bygone achievements serve to keep sober, is the practice of the program which helps me stay sober.
I met many veterans who relapsed why they thought they had already done everything necessary for sobriety. They no agreed that sobriety is like a bicycle if you don´t ride you fall. One of the strongest experiences I know was that of a veteran who did all services, from making coffee to be trustee, have a four-day binge, spending salary of five months and smashing two cars. He forgot that he was alcoholic, he forgot practice the program; he thought that the services he had done enough.
Gijon, España.

When I get pedantic displays

When I get pedantic displays of erudition trying to do is when I leave the program and the people who make up the group. When I drank was very fond of making displays of knowledge that I did not have.
When you reach the group follow the same constumbre and to philosophical discourses on the steps, traditions, services, (perhaps a bit like I'm doing now) but this attitude did not help to stop drinking or start my recovery.
It was when I started to tell my experience with drinking and as empecer to make the program was when I began to start my recovery.
When I flaunt knowledge the newcomer, or give advice, never came to pass on the message of recovery, is when I tell my experience when I drank and how to stop drinking is when I get the newcomer and I can convey the message.

... somehow through -out

... the years (many years) - a a has remained true to it's purpose - the preamble sez most all. the steps help each individual. the ! traditions ! help "a a as a whole". if it is not broken & a power greater than even the entire human race backs it, then why change it ? not really a question. historically the earlier a a's had learned the foibles of distraction. for our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority : a loving god - as - we understand "him". thanks for listening - otis.

... the good of ...

... tho i suspect this simply to be a sounding board. do others actually read these posts ? or respond to them. is this as in the b b story "join the tribe" - th@ great spirit in the sky ... meeting ? anyway today's quote - was somewhat vague. or nebulous. my thought was - to see what is called "comfort zone" as an "ever vigilant" look / study - so as not to have th@ comfort become ... complacent ! - i ask myself ok - is it comfort or complacent ? th@ 's it. thanks for listenin' - otis.

... a tug (boat annie) in my heart

... & not a thug in my ego. i am grateful to have this forum to join (you all). tho i do not do this sober trail as directed / suggested (i e no sponsor) i do go to a regular meeting th@ i do so look forward to. this forum allows me to be real with myself & in hopes with maybe one other person who may be listening to my thoughts. i have just, after asking (camel style) god for help for this day, read my 24 hr & my day by day (god help me to be or stay clean & sober today) books. of course it could be down hill @ any time of this day. th@ is when the suggested "restart your day @ anytime" hopefully kicks in with an asking of god. tho no booze for 10 + mos. (not the first time) i am all too familiar with "the disease of the attitudes" th@ alcoholism is sometimes aptly said to be. th@ is what i must not entertain for too many minutes ! ! this writing began with the quote for the day. my "brain" saw tug as thug. a subtle hint as to where my head may be hovering. then i saw tug of heart. ! Ahhh ! rescue - then a "desire" to share. so thanks, y' all for being here. "good to see you". "it is good to be seen" ! otis.

... anonymity is ...

... the spiritual foundation of all our traditions - ever reminding us to ... place principles before personalities (this totally includes mine). it has been said th@ a a is a democratic anarchy & an anarchistic democracy. O K, let me ask - most all of us do not like to be "bossed around", right ? second question; who among "us" would like to be the boss ? here is where the form of fellowship lies & breathes. i personally do not like being bossed nor do i like to be the boss. think on it. herein lies the blend of fellowship. point being - keep the fellowship cherished - realize every other person is just a little different. if there were no a a where would most of us be. easy answer - various places. "back biting" is a lose lose endeavor, right ? see ya, greetings from north central florida. otis.

RE: anonymity is ...

If the Traditions are ever "perfected" the true meaning of Traditions eleven and twelve will be exposed. It is
HUMILITY, expressed by ANONYMITY, which is the spiritual
foundation of all our traditions. It is not anonymity itself. Bill wrote that it is humility, when he wrote
for us in the 12 & 12, but the meaning was distorted when
the short form of the tradition was published. Maybe
someone else understands this, and can explain it better.
Thanks, George P. Pittsburg. Pa.

... love given by a good god - to - us - love given by us - to -

... the other us. hey whatever is the case for your personal sobriety - your personal journey away from booze. the three clear pertinent ideas - th@ we are & th@ probably & th@ god could & would. @ times of thought - wondering what or how the fellowship "ticks". behind the broad picture - a loving god as "he" may express "himself" in our group conscience. when "my" evaluating mind / brain does the ol' quasi~oneupmanship thing - i need to look behind the scene(s). the good of a a is guided & protected by a good god, working thru co -operating people ! i was told so many years ago - th@ - a a is divine in principle. yah - whenever i get into th@ reversal of principles before personalities - then - i need to see th@ the anonymity of god's love & caring - is what is - is Where is - the positive power of a a ! there is no other place in this world th@ i have been to, th@ has this quality - god's loving power & ! people co - operating with This Power ! thanks, y'all for being here. when two or more are gather ~

His Own Opinion

I so agree with today's quote. Lately, I have been hearing about a lot of disputes within the groups in my district. Others within a group do not approve of what a member is saying. Whether it be about the end of the meeting prayer or what another member says about some opinion of a topic. Bill W. had to have a crystal ball in order to fore see the complications that arise within AA. Everyone has their own opinion and it is not our job as a group member to stop or regulate what another says. Thank you grapevine for your "Daily Quote" it reminds me of the principles of A.A.

Debra S.

... credentials or conformity

... the grapevine quote for "today". when i read the quote - & btw - i really look forward, as a part of my good vibe day, to reading the quote. when i read the credential / conformity aspect - i said Yah - a a sure does not ask for "much". my sober brain reflected on the booze demands, tho. in an abstract, tho very seriously real way, booze Did demand conformity - drink more - constantly think more drink. credentials, well, maYbe not - tho - as they say - from park ave to the park bench or from yale to jail. credentials - booze was the poison. booze was the ruler of my entire waking & ! non - waking life. so ... in a purely distilled way, a a does allow for a freedom not found anywhere else. by me, anyway. & if i choose to be a prisoner, again, all i need to do is "pick up a first drink. "hell no - we won't go ! !

Thanks to a higher power and

Thanks to a higher power and a group of Alcoholics Anonymous I could stop drinking. No one had been able to convince me to stop drinking, to admit the faults of character he had and I did not want to see, to try to remove and repair any damage that might repair.

I can´t fight againt my

I can´t fight againt my realiy, I must live with my circumstances. As the English proverb says "The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist hoist the sails"

Grapvine QOTD

I am the GVR for our group, we have about 1-5 newcomers every week, we have a group subscription to LaVina & Grapevine. After the meeting I ask newcomers if they have a Grapevine... Most, if not returning again
don't know what it is, I hand them one & say you can have a meeting whenever you need or want one...
Just start reading. Our group struggles with getting trusted servants, but I hear it's been that way
for a while. Just extremely grateful I'm sober & have a home group & Love the Grapevine... We are truly
blessed to be here & to have the opportunity to help those yet to arrive at our doors... Thank you!

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