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If only it were true, that we have no need for rules and regs... Too many are coming into play for my group right now and it's not helpful to me.

It takes 2 to have a meeting

It takes 2 to have a meeting and 3 to make a group.

It takes two to have meeting

You and big book

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SANITY...... Grapevine book "Spiritual Awakenings"

Reading this quote, the Words of an old standard popular hymn flooded right to my mind !
"I once was lost....but now I'm found; Was blind but now I see!"
Was Lost and Blind.. AND NOW I SEE"
Like this Londoner, My Instinctive denial kept me blind to my life of active alcoholism.And like Him;
I have found calm, cool,, responsible 12th step sober living; has all my immature, nuts living beat to heck !
2/1/13 c.k. Me.

I am alcoholic and I don´t

I am alcoholic and I don´t know why. Now it isn´t important for me, it doesn´t my reality.
fran s


Find and listen to Clancy I talk about Alcoholism: A Disease of Perception. Try to identify with the feelings regardless of the situations and events in his story.
And you will know why.

Why I'm alcoholic

It doesn't matter. Understanding is the booby prize. Robbie R.

Decision Making

I recently moved jobs because I was fed up with all the petty disfunction and unprofessionalism. I am in a job now with alot of oportunity to fullfilling the wish I've always had in my business. I find myself starting with about half the pay - this is hopefully only temporary until I become estabilished. Why do I want to go back where I was miserable?

Decision making

Good for you gut feeling is best the higher power will not give you more than you can handle

Misery at Work

First things first. Try the 4th and 5th steps. And think of work as an opportunity to do what it tells us on p. 77 of the BB: we get sober so that we can be spiritually fit to be of maximum service to the people around us.

1/28/13 quote

I think that quote is the very essence of our one day at a time slogan. Yesterday is but a dream. Tomorrow is but a vision. Today is our reality.

Sobriety conceals what

Sobriety conceals what alcohol reveals!

After 25 years in AA every

After 25 years in AA every day only realize that is only by the grace of God that I can say today I'm recovered for that hopeless state of mind impossible to conquer with out His help all that I have is a daily reprieve

25 years / daily repreve

Yes excellent comment. Gormet food for thought ! I like it.
I came here in 68 or 69 it-still holds true.Thank you. C.K.

When I arrived Alcoholics

When I arrived Alcoholics Anonimous I wanted stop drink for a few month and handle my drink again. I wanted it for several months but I had to give this idea, because the experience showed me that it was faulse. I saw a lots of people to be a drank again because they thougt that they could handle their drink.
I had a parnet who protested because there were people who came to the group and out drank,he is drinking now and return to alcoholic carrie because he left the gruop and he thought that he could handle his drink. he forgot that he was alcoholic and he forgot that he never could handle his drink.
I had a parnet, who was a engineer, who thougt that he could handle his drink because he was diferent. He usually said that there was diferents kind of alcoholism and diferent grades os alcoholism because he didn´t want stop drink.


Here's a wise quote that I've heard in many AA meetings:
"Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die."
— Malachy McCourt, Irish-American writer and actor (b. 1931)


And; I have come to believe that Malachy heard this originally from Nelson Mandela, initial originator. And I'm also fond of;
"do you have to be an Irish Catholic to be an alcoholic?"
"No! But it helps"
And.another borrowed A.A. old used quote;
"the easiest way to a slip is holding onto a resentment"
AND one of my personal favorites "Yesterday's a cancelled check.Tomorrow's a promisory note.All I really have is today."
Last for now: ";KEEP IT SIMPLE". IS FROM THE REGULAR ORIGINAL SLOGANS THAT often Hang now and have hung on our walls since Bill W.Days. " Keep it simple" No more no less.
"Keep it simple."
(The "stupid" addition is sometimes added by "Fools like me".
"Stupid we alchies are not.
Is that what a conumdrum is?
Sincerely with love to us sober and not sober addicts.Colleen K.


A simple slogan, "Keep it Simple", became a bumper sticker,
"Keep it Simple Stupid", about thirty years ago.
A conumdrum is trying to convince today's A.A. membership
of mistakes (blunders) we have made while our membership
denies that anything is wrong. Most A.A. members think our
fellowship is "alive and well", "TWO MILLION STRONG."
We had two and a half million members twenty years ago.
We ought to have eight million members today. What has
happened? No excuses please, just reasons. The reasons are
posted on our forum over and over. Does anyone care enough
to even investigate? ANONYMOUS

One day at a time

The A.A. way of living can truly be a blessing. I must keep the addict at arms length and stay with the alkies

Staying with the alkies

I tried to that but have been barred from attending for a 1 year period without given an explanation and when I tried to attend a meeting they closed the meeting within 10 minutes. No I was not drinking, but I was tired of having 1 man constantly pushing me around in the rooms. The group decided to get rid of me.

Staying with the alkies

Horse feathers !

Commedian isn't the only carreer choice.

That experience is called a hallucination fellow user.

I love you.Off the sauce Colleen K. Maine

"Staying with..."

I can barely believe you wrote the above.
#1 No one has ever been "barred" from an A.A. meeting.
# 2 No one closed a meeting caused by the sight of you or your unexceptable behavior.
#3"I don't believe you were pushed around the rooms by any A.A. member.
#4We don't "GET RID OF PEOPLE",in A.A.

The clubs can ban people from

The clubs can ban people from them, it is their property. However the only requirement for membership at a real AA meeting is a desire to stop drinking....underline stop, not stopped.

staying with alkies

i have never heard of a group telling someone they are barred from coming to a meeting.
where is the meeting that you went to?
i would suggest you go to another meeting.
donot allow the disease to keep you away.
if you want to get sober you can.

I was comparing my experience

I was comparing my experience with other mates for a year, but I never asked if I was powerless over alcohol or not. I concluded that I was not alcoholic, alcoholic or was less than those around me. After several years and a relapse, I had to wonder if he was an alcoholic and assume the answer. I assume that cost was an alcoholic and I was powerless to alcohol nte, no matter who drank more or less than others or that I had not had the problems they had other important thing is the damage that alcohol makes me.

AA Unity and Inclusion for All

Today I read the January 1 Grapevine which
made the important point that all are welcome
from all types of beliefs. I was pleased to see
a reference to Muslims but noticed the term
used was Mohammedans. This is not a correct
term because Islam is based on only worshipping
Allah (God) and Muhammad (peace be upon
him) is the the messenger of Allah. Islamic
teachings stress that we are judged by our
intentions and I know the intention is to
show the amazing inclusiveness of AA and
not to offend anybody. Inshallah (God Willing) many more Muslim alcoholics will find the help available in our
beautiful program.

A.A. inclusion for all

Quite a while back; A then, old timer said to me;" Colleen they call what your doing," playing sematics".
Explaining further to me;That I was focusing on"words" to keep myself from focusing on really important stuff like A.A.principles like steps,meetings,traditions,sharing sobriety stuff reading A.A. liturature etc.
I get it.I got it still. ( :


Yesterday (Christmas), I sat at a table loaded with good things to eat and said grace for my family . . . wife, Barbara, Step-daughter and two lovely step-grandchildren, ages 10 and 3. All of it; the table, the food, the ability to say a simple prayer, the wife, the children, are blessings of 27 years of living sober. I owe my life to AA's steps, traditions, and concepts. Thanks for the daily reminders of "what works."

I want what you have achieved

Congratulations on those years of sobriety, keep it going.


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Humility and Hope

At meetings I often use a borrowed statement regarding a new life in AA: "I walked through a door I didn't open." This is the reality of the program when we let go of "My Way" and seek God's way, following instructions from recovering people that have started their journey towards humility and hope.

Entering the doors of AA in 1986, I was grateful for losing the urge to drink but lacked the humility (substitute honesty) to fully appreciate the gift of sobriety and begin working the steps with my sponsor. I realized the AA folks around the table had a lot more going for themselves and others than I did. Gradually I started to relate rather than compare, picked up healthy thoughts and behaviors, and began to understand how the Big Book' phrase "exactly how we have recovered" applied to me. I needed reminders that this process wasn't all my doing like "I'm not the center of the universe any more," "I'm special," and "Me thinking about me!"

Early on, someone described a dark vision of sobriety as "a long, gray tunnel, having man holes along the way. Every year someone lowers a cake. You blow out the candles and, head down, continue along the tunnel." After 26+ years in the program, this has NOT been my experience.

Gone is the striving for success at any cost, baffling relationships, and fear of economic insecurity; plus a lot more. Although I'm an old guy, unable to function as I once did, I have hope for the future. Life is good!

If I do not bring to the hat,

If I do not bring to the hat, will be difficult to carry the message to faraway places that we can go as a group. If I do not bring to the seventh will be difficult to publish or edit our literature. If I do not bring to the seventh tough to relocate the message to hospitals, clinics, institutes, etc. It is difficult to go to distant cities where no AA groups. If I don’t bring the hat will be difficult to have an area office or an office of general services. It is too difficult to service free, but it is more difficult to service and pay the bill. I know it because my group didn´t pay the bill of the people who service into the town of Gijon.
Fran S
Gijon Spain.

Self Supporting Responsibility

So many of us skimp when the basket gets passed. I got sober in 1992. If I was giving a dollar then, is that still enough?......We think not. My first sponsor used to complain that he paid ten thousand dollars to a rehab to find out that AA is free. Alcoholics Anonymous is NOT free; there is no charge levied, but it does cost money to put on meetings and facilitate the service structure. If I could afford to put a dollar in the basket seven days a week when I was new, shouldn't I be putting at least 7 dollars per week in the basket now, even if I am only attending three meetings per week?

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self support

I found through research and going to Area Assemblies why I need to support my group, district, Area and the General Service Office. I also see the need for Intergroup and the services they perform. Self support is the only way to leave AA the way I found it. It expresses my gratitude in action. I believe we are not self supporting because we do not carry that message of the 7th tradition like we do 12 step work. I was totally uninformed. Thank God for Sponsorship !

I think that to talk to a

I think that to talk to a newcomer and invite him to a coffe is more important than made a good speech. Last week a oldtimer said in the meeting that a lots years ago he shook hands and weeping newcomer, he told him "Don´t worry there is a solution" and the other man answered that He was crying because it was the first time in years someone was shaking hands.


Well after 8 years I relize that life will continue to create situations that require acceptance. From the people driving in the rain to the authorities in sports organizations that have their own hidden agendas. Today I believe that due to the fact I have experience with allowing people to be who they are and do what they do, life is a little easier. It seems that my initial reaction is similar to how I have always been, but I don't take actions of tongue and pen without pausing first. That is when I believe I allow God to help me thru.

Staying out of God's way

Some would consider me with 28 years of sobriety an oldtimer in the program but today, I am back to basics. Steps 1, 2, and 3. I live with my eldest son Richard and his wife, Robbie. She died Dec 6 of AIDS and Hep C after 28 years of their life together. They met in their early recovery and married after she was diagnosed. He stayed with her through horrendous medical crisis and expense as she stayed with him through multiple relapses. They had a good marriage. She died after a prolonged struggle finally believing he might be alright as he had been back at daily meetings for about a week and made many promises to her.

Last night he bought a gallon of Jack Daniels and drank half of it. I thank God for my sobriety and a program of recovery that helps me understand that there is no way I can control his choices or his drinking. That the best thing I can do for him is to stay out of God's way as he works through this crisis, trusting the outcome, no matter what I hope for him. The program has given me the gift of disappointment in place of fear, compassion instead of anger, and trust in a process I will never fully understand but know in my bones works, if he will surrender to Creator's will for him. I feel grief for Robbie, sorrow, disappointment and compassion for him and great gratitude for all that the Program has given me to weather the Dark Days.


God bless you. Your comments will touch many today.

There have been dark days

There have been dark days where a will infinitely greater than my own has been responsible for my sobriety. (Quote 7 Dec 2012)- oh boy is that true. In fact coming up for 12 years - I would say for a great number of those years/days it's only by God's grace I've got by - only recently have I realised the steps are not just steps to be done once, or even several times - but are a program for daily living!!! No doubt a slow learner!!! Geelong District (Victoria, Australia) recently celebrated it's 57th Anniversary with the theme A Way of Life - Steps 10, 11 and 12 - and listening to speakers at the main meeting, the message finally sunk in!! Maybe that's God's gift to me on my birthday (same day as Bill W - WOW!) - a daily program for living!! No doubt His will infinitely greater than my own will still serve me on those dark days when life seems to take over and I am so grateful for having God and this program in my life. For the first time someone last week asked me about sponsorship - how about that for an opening message to pass on to sponsees!!!

"Truth is not an immutable absolute," Dec 4, 2012

Although not an absolute, but individual and for the moment maybe, but the way worded in this "a ballerina"..."ever-changing" infers no foundation, no "sticking to the truth" or "this is what I believe to be the truth". A truth must sustain time, honesty and reliability.

Ballerinas and Clouds

Great comments. I agree. This was a senseless Grapevine comment. But at least it wasn't full of AA jargon; the person making this ballerina analogy was thinking creatively and originally. I don't agree this was aimed at PhDs. In fact, I wish there were more critical, original thinkers in AA.

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Quote of the day

confused more than ever. Did you ever hear ----"Keep it simple stupid" Todays quote must have been directed to PHD's


When I got here I was so dishonest that I didn't even know I was, even when I was trying to be honest. I would say to my sponsor I was confused. He said when you are confused you are being dishonest. My HP is the spirit of Truth ( another name for God)When any controversy, or decision comes up I Stop and ask myself What is the Truth. This has helped me eliminate confusion

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Good point, connecting confusion with lack of truth and God as ultimate truth. Another reason to occasionally substitute "honesty" for wisdom in the Serenity Prayer.
Early in the program, I struggled with confusion for a long time. Now I realize unconsciously, I was refusing to recognize and deal with the truth. Someone told me confusion means I'm not ready to accept God's truth.


Simple but not easy. thanks this helps.

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Like you when I arrived to AA I was very dishonest. My whole life was a lie, a fabercation, filled with deception and evil. It took a long time for me to make the changes as I journeded thru the steps. I was led by the greatest men in AA who showed thru example how to live the AA way of life. My life today is pretty much on AA auto pilot. When ever I have to pause to think, I always remember what I was taught--"What would the Master do or say"--My life today is filled with comfort, honesty, integrity a conscience and no handcuffs. All gifts of trying to live a sober AA way of life.
Thank you to all
Thank you AA
Thank you God.

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My sponsor pounded into my head---gratitued is the attitude. Wow what a understatement. It works and keeps on working. I would like to thank all the people over all the years sober or not for all that you have contributed to my life. Every meeting, every person, every 12th step call, every retreat, every group anniversery, every AA International Concention, every bit of service work I have done even though I may not have liked it at the time. It all has contribited to my 35 years of soberity and a life so spectacular.
Thank You, All of You
George M

If I do not want the same

If I do not want the same results, why do the same things? I was unable to drink moderately for seven years, why am I drink moderately tomorrow? I tried drinking moderately during the year and a half of my career as a drinker and not succeed. Surely I am no going to do it tomorrow, despite carrying eighteen years in the community.


I give thanks on Thanksgiving today. AA and God saved my life and for that I'm truly grateful.


I am trying but not having success...can that be success?


Hay Trying, just the fact you are trying is the miracle. Remember your worst day and look at today, thats progress. I sponsor a guy, Tommy, for a long time. He would get periods of soberity and even some times laughter. I often thought Tommy needed help beyound AA and encouraged him to see a mental health specialist. He found a good one knowledgable of AA and alcoholisem. Tommy is a different man now, every day is not a crises, life is happy and worth living.
Dont know how long you are sober or around AA but do know it is not easy in the begining. Its scary, its new, its a different world and takes time for change to be accomplished.
Speek to at least 3 alcoholics every day, make at least one meeting a day, pray every day and ask your God for the grace not drink today & do your morning readings. This is a perscription for soberity and recovery. It has been working for a long-long time, use it as perscribed.
If you want to be sober and make progress in recovery do what those who are successful and came before you did, not what you think you should do.
Good luck & God bless
George M

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