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:) 7 days without a meeting makes ONE weak!


Should be, "makes ONE weak!" lol

Relating to reality

" I was never a fan of reality!"

Newcomer:"How do I know that I drink too much?"

Oldtimer;" Maybe, by asking that very question!"

A drink of alcohol...

No matter what I am experiencing now, a drink of alcohol cannot improve on it!!!

Gratitude chances your attitude.
You can't be grateful, if you are grateful.

One day at a time...

I can choose to live one day at a time or one day at a whine...

Can you laugh at yourself?

At a meeting today a member shared that as he was driving, he noticed a slogan in the back window of the card ahead of him. "I AM UNABLE TO LAUGH AT MYSELF!" Some wit responded in writing and stated, "I can help here. I can laugh at you!!!

Another comment had this gem, A member saw the follwing remark on the wall in his local barber shop. "Everyday, I make a decisin to like one person. Today is not your day! And it is not looking too good for you tomorrow either!"

Laught at myself!!!

He said, " If I can laugh at myself I can have a life of free, endless entertainment!!!

Charlie Chaplain entered a Charlie Chaplain look alike competition.


One drink of Alcohol does...

No matter what I am experiencing now, one drink of alcohol does not IMPROVE IT!!!

Gratitude changes your attitude!

You can't be grateful, if you are hateful!

Honest insight.

I used to say "I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF"

Often the truth was that I DIDN'T HELP MYSELF!!!"

Funny how that worked out

So two days ago I was trying to find a meeting, saw a 5:30pm listed but when I got there no one was around. So I called my good friend and he talked me through another sober night. He also told me "Hey those doors were unlocked, next time just stop for a few minutes, grab a big book, read a story or two and see what happens. So yesterday I did just that, none was there so I grabbed a big book and sat down to read. Not five minutes had passed when a car pulled up. Older gentleman walked up to me and said "looks like it's just us, I'm chuck and i have been sober 32 years." I replied" I'm mike and I've been sober for 3 days" we sat and talked for an hour or so. It was just amazing to me how that worked. I don't think there was anything random about that encounter. Keep your eyes peeled for those small miracles.

How it works

it is always true that we just share experience strength and hope with one another Some of those encounters are more benefit to me since I need to be reminded what is like in very early sobriety.


I know I have lost a lot of trust with my wife from my drinking and drugging, but what I don't understand is that she throws this up to me constantly. It is really a big hit in the heart for me. I really feel like she trust me with nothing, not just the disease I have, and it really makes me lose a lot of faith in myself. I have even starting taking depression meds. I had a wreck from alcohol, that almost took my life, and now I am sitting here with a broke neck asking for some kind of input with somebody with some length of sobriety. My sobriety date is June 1, 2013, and this is my dozen or so time battleing this drink, and this time I am lucky to be here. Look I actually need a friend, before I lose my mind. I have a sponsor, but sometimes that's just not enough.


Hi my name is Bill and I am an alcoholic.My sobriety date is Feb 19th 2010.work the steps all of them.Does your wife attend alanon meetings?Don't give up,We have caused a lot of wreckage but we can recover through working the steps.Your wife is scared and hurt and needs help,alanon can help her.become involved in service work and help other alcoholics by sharing your story.one of the most corroding threads to our existence is fear.Do not become a victim of self pity get out and help others,your wife will see a change in your behavior and just maybe she will stop belittling you.I will pray for you and your wife,your friend Bill

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A higher power and the 12 steps

Trust is one of the many broken things from our past many alcoholics bring here. Through working the steps as described in the Big Book of AA and developing a reliance on a higher power you can recover from the hopeless malady of mind and spirit brought on by alcoholism and begin to repair the damage of the past. If your an alcoholic like me, then take it one day at a time (or minute as the case may be). Find a good sponsor who will walk you through the steps. Through working the steps you will develop an understanding and reliance on power greater than yourself. As it states in the Big Book. the promises, they will materialize if we work for them.

Rob M.

You need god! He'll work

You need god! He'll work miracles through you that nobody else can;-)

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your sobriety date. It's hard to break the thinking cycle. The best way to do that is to DO something else. Start walking. Bend over and pet a dog or pick up a wrapper. Those precious seconds will make you forget your problems (before they all flood back). Those seconds will get longer but start small. Start today. Start now. (...like right now).

same case - trust

i'm in the same boat . i've been in a wheelchair 12 years now . she doesn't even trust me to go to a meeting by myself !

what alcoholism does.

"Alcoholism can wipe the smile from the face of a child!"

"At my first AA meeting, I did noy know whether I was animal, plant or mineral!"

"I always wanted to be somebody. I guess I shuold have been more partciular!"

An alcoholic on a vacation send a postcard greeting to her mother, "I am having a lovely time. I wish that I was here!"

He was seriously injured in a car crash.

My friend was sober for many years in AA. He had a serious car crash. He escaped with a few scratches but the car was a wreck. He had a miraculous escape, but his brain was affected.

He worked in a nearby hospital for mentally handicapped adults and children.

Sometimes he left the hospital and went to pray in a nearby church.

One day he told me,"Do you know what I thought while praying in the church?

I replied, "No. Tell me what you were thinking about in the church."

He answered, " I could see that AVOIDANCE was DANCING IN A VOID!!!"

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Cut her some slack, as you said, she has no trust in you and why should she. Since you have a broken neck, she is or has probably had to take care of you and may be bitter about that as well. You need to let time take time. Ask your sponsor if he will bring a meeting to your home if you cannot get out. Get a list of AA men's phone numbers and call, call, call. You can have a mini meeting on the phone and us AA er's are usually more than willing to come to a home for a one on one, or better yet a two on one. Read your Big Book, "To the Wives" and "The Family Afterward"
It will get better if you work the steps and the program.


Hi: I have found that trust is something that is earned and I am sure you will earn it if you hang in there. One day at a time. A sober friend in NY State. Hugs.


trust will come..dont drink and go to lots of meetings...


trust will come..dont drink and go to lots of meetings...

Trust.friendship and loneliness .

I sympathise with your need for a friend to talk to ,and to understand what you are going through. It will take a while for your wife to come around as she has been burned before.give time time,know that the best ears and support will come from other people in the program who have shared the same things you are going thru.you are doing the right thing by sharing on this site.it will be your sounding board and we will be the friend you are missing for now.


Very good advice here!
I agree with Trust.friendship and lonliness comments It's nice to read direct and encouraging advice, When looking for a AA meeting look for one with this kind of a tone!
Accountabilitie yet supportive. Keep coming back it works when we work it.

Easier to talk the talk, than walk the walk.

Here is a wonderful Irish saying!

"When all is said and done, there is more said than done.
And just because a thing is easy said, it is not easy done!!!"

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Read your post carefully and see if you haven't answered your own question.
"My sobriety date is June 1, 2013, and this is my dozen or so time battleing this drink,"
There's an old saying, 'fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.'
I'll go out on a limb here and guess that each of those dozen or so times you promised something like, "This time I mean it," or "I'll never do it again." How anxious would you be to trust someone who has made a habit of breaking promises?
"I have a sponsor, but sometimes that's just not enough."
That's never enough. You make no mention at all of the twelve steps. Today is my AA birthday, my sobriety date is July 25, 1971. I did not reach this milestone by turning my will and my life over to a sponsor or by making a lot of meetings. I did it by following a suggestion given me when I had three and a half months and was in an area with no meetings; Use my Big Book and a Higher Power. It worked then, it worked while I was an Internationalist and it's working now.
Give it a try, and good luck.

Reply to Re: Trust.

Thanks for a very honest share. Well done.


You asked for someone with time. My time in AA...more importantly...in Recovery is 26 yrs by the Grace of God. Here I go..I will talk to you as I would as if you were my sponsee. Our disease of alcoholism(drugs...same..thinking processes), attracts folk with similar thinking and behaviors-even if they don't drink. Women (and I am one), are prone to pointing fingers and laying blame. Men do as well, but not as much as women. Trust is very hard to earn once it is broken..but it can be ganined through consistency. I speak from experience in my own life. There is a process in learning how to live our lives in recovery and the process involves getting a sponsor whom you respect for the recovery behavior, and then working the 12 Steps. It is through this process that we begin to understand our disease and how it affects others. It is not easy to be sober and trying to live in Recovery when you are constantly being bombarded by negativity. The caution I would give is that others who have known you as a drug/druggie are used to a specific groups of negative behaviors from you. They learn how to deal with themselves and you and the world from that perspective...you being a drunk/druggie. When you take steps to get clean and live in recovery..it can be threatening to others who do not know what to expect from you. They are out of their comfort zone. And most importantly...they cannot control your new behavior...it's about control. Sometimes, I have known the others to directly sabbotage the person trying to stay clean because they just never can get comfortable with a different relationship that they can't predict and control. Also, it is easy for the other person to remain a victim of your bad behaivor and continue to point fingers at you. Your job is to quit whining about the situation that you created and get your butt into more meetings. Find a healthy meeting (healthy being noone hitting on anyone either sexually or for money.) Find a meeting where there is no whining...find a meeting where the folk share experience (very little sharing in this topic), strength and hope. Find a sponsor you can trust...a man...NOT a woman...and get to work on yourself. Change you...do not try to change anyone else. Read some of the Big Book and the 12 steps everyday. If you haven't turned your life over to a Higher Power yet, find a sponsor or someone you trust in AA and have them help you get through Steps 1-3 FAST...the plow into 4-7....then move onto 8-12. Do the steps as fast as you can. Do not delay. Once done...go back and do them again...in more detail and depth. I cannot tell you your wife will change, but I will tell you that I took these steps 26+ years ago and my husband followed me into the rooms of AA and from the wreckage of our past lives...we are committed and still married to each other. My you find your Higher Power, whom I choose to call God and join us on the recovery road.


Thanks for the post. Members like yourself sharing gives me hope. I am in the first year of recovery. Almost 10 months and am facing similar issues with the family trust situation. I am following the steps with my sponser and making changes in myself. The road is long and I will say not always that smooth. But with the grace of God as I understand him and my fellows in AA I so see hope.
Thanks for sharing your experiance.

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Trust is one of those things that can take a lifetime to acquire and a few seconds or a bad decision to through away. I had to finally admit step one, both parts and made the decision to take this program as suggested to me by my sponsor. It took five years to gain the trust of my wife back and we have now just celebrated twenty seven years together and the last thirteen have come to be the most precocious of all the twenty seven. We are the very best of friends and trust is what love is all about for the both of us today.
You have millions of friends and people just like you that will stand by you if you put forth the effort to improve yourself by not taking that first drink. The program as outlined in the BB works if we take the information it has as if it's a life or death situation, because it is.
Your Fiend in sobriety..


How long has it taken to program her distrust?





I...I am lying



"I have a sponsor, but sometimes that's just not enough."
Good. A sponsor should not be enough.

When I started I was crazy. I picked someone for a sponsor who was crazy. I still can't find anything wrong with that logic. Of course it didn't work but fortunately for me he was the one who died from alcoholism.

I use AA literature to learn how to get and stay sober. The Big Book and 12 and 12. The answers to your specific questions are in there.

Needing a friend

Hi :)
Just wanted to see if you met some guys to hang out with yet ? It takes time - but going early and staying late after meetings can really help. I too need people and can't be happy otherwise- so I go to lots of different meetings and remain open to many kinds of friends. It's hard at first, but keep practicing and it will become a skill.

'Mirror Mirror On My Wall'

It is said...within that mirror is one's OWN self...never able to hide from...
It is said...where one ( many ) puts a question...God puts a period...
Many years have since passed when I cried out for HELP...only by the grace of God...
I found Alcoholics Anonymous...Amen...step #1 opened the doors for this new life of mine...
Now years have passed with this renewed life of mine...Praise God!
Not for myself to judge or analyze the BB...it is said...question not the wisdom of God...Amen...
My experience...strength...an hope are the results of step #3...Amen...
So 72 years have come an gone...yee haw! my spiritual life came to light some 14 years ago...
Thank God for Alcoholics Anonymous...my sponsor and a sober life...Amen...
In God I trust...all others have a choice of their Higher Power to be...
Within this one's OWN self...of the Holy Spirit for communion of God's will to be done...
This is known to be...I am you...you are I...Amen...
For is it not within one's OWN self...the Serenity Prayer is powerful!
'Bingo'...Believe I Need God OK!

I know what they are thinkn'

In Shakepeare's Macbeth are the following lines.


believe in your hire power and miricals can happen

i noticed my daughter was needing a.a. twelve years ago, but could do noting until she finally accepted she had a problem thank the fellowship and my hire power, she is now about two months sober. being a member of the fellowship and getting sober showed her that if her mother could get sober then maybe it could help her.
if it was not for the a.a.fellowship i would never have managed to stay sober over the last four years. and through example my daughter has now followed me into the fellowship, so i would like to thank all a.a.members for there help over my journey to soberiety.

Stay out of WET PLACES!!!

"When Daniel left the lion's den, he did not go back for his jacket!!!

... an often untold story in a a.

... i hope to keep this "brief". yah, good luck ! of course there are many references made through - out "our" literature to the first drink. 't ain't the caboose 'n' all th@. there is also the classic example as described as the "jay - walker" in the big book. somehow through - out the years, the page in the big book (153 or now 154) is as close to the scenario as the hair on my arms can stand up to, if ya get my drift. the first drink - onto - what preceeds the first drink : the set - up ! now, i am very sincere in this posting, yet with a quip of sarcasm. ok, here goes : the fella said to me - ok - i have two questions for you. 1 - how do you set yourself up for the first drink? 2 - how do you set yourself up, to feel bad ? think about th@ for a bit. i myself have done many a set - up, unfortunately & stupidly. so i speak from experience with th@ "whole" self deception territory. the territory is in the mind. the disease is in the mind. alcoholism can be said to be a disease of the attitudes. so to answer my own question - dishonesty is the key to setting "myself" up to feel bad & then the first drink, again. so with high hopes & sane thinking - it may not be necessary to conduct experiments (i could not list the # of words th@ mean stupid),again. so maybe dishonesty is the # one killer. & the antidote is stamped upon one side of the coin i carry. "to thine own self be true". thanks all ! otis.

... through - out the years (in & not in)

... there has never been, in my life, anywhere like a a. the quick concise & wise sayings are uncanny. i was told many years ago th@ a a is divinely inspired. we speak of the people of a a. we also know & feel th@ the guiding light of all who choose to realize : "god" is behind the fellowship. the coin sez - "to thine own self be true". this sez most all, we need to know & feel ! i believe. otis.

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letting go and letting god

I can't hold it together.

Well, then let it all fall apart.

aileen replies to rechellu

please rachellu do not let everything fall apart, your hire power knows you are worth saving, trust him get to a meeting and share what is troubling you. you are a fantastic person you have come far, dont trow in the towel of the support of a.a. keep away from the first drink and share how you are feeling at the next meeting you go to and i am sure you will get all the support you need to continue on your journey to sobieriety, you are in my prayers, keep up the fight and get what you deserve and new way of life and soberiety

I can't hold it together!

I tried to hold it together myself and I failed (step one)

I was at step 2. I looked around the room and saw folk who were serene. They could not achieve serenity alone with their own ideas and they told me that.! So they put AA programme first, got a sponsor, and got into action. I did likewise and it was the best move that I made in my life. I pray for you and yours my friend.

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suggested 12steps

You don't. Have to work the 12 steps unless you want to stay sober.
Recently heard!

Gossip at meetings

I have not gone to certain meetings in months because certain people lied about me and said I wasn't sober when I had a head injury. "Let there be no gossip or criticism among us." We will be destroyed from within rather than from without. As I'd heard.

Re gossip at meetings

Gossip will always be a part of this world no matter where you go, it's up to the individual to accept people, places, and things the way they are. I can't change someone else, especially if their sick. it's simply their way of concentrating on others rather than themselves. Remember the serenity prayer.


Re Gossip.

Listen to thunder.

Avoid lightening.


So sorry for your situation . It's hard, but eventually i had to accept that people have their own fears they are dealing with. People also project their own dishonesty onto others without realizing it. Move on in faith and expect good people to come your way. ODAAT

Gossip at meetings

I had the misfortune of being in a serious automobile accident in January of 2001.
I had a head injury also and did all i could to aviod medications and was able to do it.
I had a very serious concussion and at times the dizziness from it was so bad all i could do was go home and lay in bed until the dizzy spells improved to a point i could stand up without feeling as i was about to fall down.My head was spinning so terrible inside and it took over 4 years to stop completely.

My trouble at one meeting i was going to happened the week before Christmas 2001.I was sober over many years at the time (I'm still sober today)and i was chairing a meeting in the basement of a building that had a day care on the top floor and it was an old building.In the winter moths it was cold in the basement of that building and when ever i was in a place that was cold for at least the first two years after the accident it just made the dizziness that much worse.

When i first walked into the basement i was all right and was asked to chair the meeting by a memeber of the group (It is an OSD meeting)and i said yes.I started off the meeting feeling the same amount of dizziness i normally was feeling at the time,but as the meeting went on the coldness of the room was setting in and i was getting dizzer fast.

About 15 to 20 minutes into the meeting i was so dizzy from the cold in the room (one of the simptons i had from the injury) i couldn't remember anyones name and other problems.It was noticeable by the others at the meeting and next thing i knew i had others there making comments on "Some people stop drinking, but stll do drugs and want to chair meetings!" And other not so kind comments as i sat there feeling like i was going to fall out of my chair and on my face.

As much as i had commented i was having problems from the head injury and trying to ask for some help to finish the meeting my comments fell on deaf ears.
The people making the comments most of all were A.A. members many (20 years+) years sober.I was able to make it through to the end of the meeting and left the room quickly.
Getting somewhere warm always made the dizziness better when i had problems with the cold in the winter.Also rain and dampness gave me problems as well as changes in the weather.

I showed up at another meeting two days later mostly attened by the same group of people (A Big Book meeting) and once the reading was over and time came to decuss the reading a few of the same persons thatmade comments at the meeting where i had trouble started to make comments on it agian.

I sat there said nothing and when the meeting ended i left and i have ever returned to either one of the meetings since then back in December of 2001 (Today is July 21 2013).
I will never forget that experience for the rest of my life!
I just loved how the very people that like to tlak about all the things they do to help others had a grand time taking my inventory and kicking me when i was at one of the lowest points in my sobriety!

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