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RE RE Big Meeting

"I believe that God is present at every meeting"
why wouldn’t he be, if he is everything or nothing? He does not want to miss out on a laugh !!

BB at the 401

Good message beginning to end. Thanks. Been sober since my second meeting at the 401 in 1979. Sounds like good stuff going on there still. Think I'll tread across those parquet floors again soon.

RE: big book study

Bill W. was a gifted man. He was the author of the Big
Book. I consider the third edition of the Big Book the
second greatest story ever told. If Bill was given the
wisdom to write such a book, why do we ignore his other
books and writings? He wrote the Big Book at five years
sober. Collectively all of Bill's material offers us a
way to get sober and stay sober, and to transfer this
"way" to all alcoholics who need and want it. After
writing the Big Book, Bill spent the rest of his life
developing that "way". Half measures avail us nothing.
If we continue to ignore Bill's later writings and
warnings, we will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Why focus entirely on the Big Book and
ignore the rest of the message? In future writings
Bill explains and simplifies many of his previous writings.
I continue to learn. Just this morning I read in concept XI
about the importance of electing qualified leaders. I
believe that too much of our fellowship/program has been
turned over to the white chippers. I do not fault the
newer members. We are all to blame for our failure.
I have heard that as long as there is doubt or a chance
of being wrong, I will always be conflicted. When I am
100 % certain that I know what I know to be correct, then
I can find peace. I have heard that it can also be a sign
of insanity. I write what I believe to be the truth, the
whole truth and nothing but the truth. ANONYMOUS

What I have read today

The name of the website, is: "AAGRAPEVINE: The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous." The title of this page from the website, is: "Heard in Meetings."
I got on the site today looking for some topic ideas to use in upcoming meetings. To my dismay, I found heated debates and arguments similar in format to what is seen on Facebook. I'm not angry, hurt or disgusted; I'm greatly disappointed and concerned. Did any of you accomplish anything? Mature and healthy discussions about opinions would be understandable, but destructive, selfish, judgmental, and finger pointing agendas are dangerous and ineffective.
What if I were a newcomer wanting to locate reading material or learn about the "Grapevine" and found these "discussions?"
For my initial search, I'm certain I will receive better information from my HP and from tonight's meeting.

AA Meeting Topic

Step One: Since I am powerless and my life has become unmanageable doesn't it make since that I need a manager with power? Suggestion: Read pagers 60-63 in AA "Big Book" from standpoint of "this is how I live my life without Alcohol and without the 12-Step program of recovery.

re: what I have read today

And our visitor's inventory taking is different, how?

Meeting protocol

At a meeting recently a non-member non-alcoholic stood up to make a statement at an open AA meeting. The moderator shared that only members are allowed to speak at our meetings but we were glad she was there and he would be happy to visit with her after the meeting. Some of the members booed him. I was appalled. It was my understanding that only members were allowed to speak at meetings: open or closed. Is there any written information on this?

Re:Meeting protocol

Our literature suggests that AA members should have an opportunity to speak before any non-members a provided time to speak. Each group (4th trad.) decides how they want to handle their meetings (2nd trad.)

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Re: Meeting Protocol

What can a non-alcoholic know about staying sober? For years non-alcoholics told me all I had to do was quit drinking. They had no idea of the obsession, and the craving for more after the fist was totally beyond their understanding.
Bill W. got through to Dr. Bob because they both spoke the same language. That's what has made AA successful over the years--as an oldtimer often said, in AA we don't tell, we share.

re meeting protocal

Yes there is. The pamphlet "The AA Group" and traditions 2, 4, 12.

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my 1st aameeting out of rehab 3 years 4monthago

A old timer with 55 years came up to me after the meeting and says"I loveyou and god does fo. I sooneeded to hear that and stilli play that tapeback in my head during a bad day.


I love old chips.My old friend and sponsor Jack had a bag full of them when he Passed away. His beautiful wife gave them to me and I have hung on to one to remember him, and given the rest to different meetings to pass out.I think Jack would have liked that. k.

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Who would have thought that something as trivial as a length of sobriety chip, could cause so many resentments. Petty self absorbed posturing only distracts us from our primary purpose which may I remind you all is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.


Also We're did chips come from?
Because it blows our: One day @ a time..

Where the chips came from

Sister Ignasious..at the Towns hospital..worked dilligently with alcoholics..I could be wrong about the hospital but it was with Dr.Bob...when an alcoholic was discharged,she gave them a coin to return to her if they felt the need to drink.
I have been sober for 1 year..2 months..personally I looked forward to getting a monthly chip..I was told it helps a newcomer see some HOPE..and others with more sobriety said it helps them to remember early sobriety..it helps to see who to have a hand out to.
the last few months..people knew me..they were happy for me.
I felt uncomfortable being the center of attention when I celebrated my 1st anniversary. I was told it is a celebration for AA.. It is a way to show gratitude for the fellowship

I struggle with the "great I am"

See "I AM not very much" but "I AM always on my mind"

I had to quit playing God.

I quit playing God by resigning my divinity and joining the human race!!!

The Door to AA swings both

The Door to AA swings both ways!!

you know

you know, it's not what you don't know that will kill you in AA. It's what you know for sure, that just isn't so!

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Chips and Length of Sobriety

Many people don't like to see people celebrate lengths of sobriety simply because it reminds them that they never seem to acquire any length of sobriety.
For those who resent any observance of anniversaries:
Founders Day in Akron every June;
Bill W.'s annual birthday dinner held until he died;
This, from AA history Lovers "Original message from xxxxxxxxx
It was recently reported at the Old Timers Panel during the Kentucky State Convention that the years sobriety will be bumped to 50 to be selected to speak at the Atlanta AA International. Our delegate confirmed that it has been "board approved."

Chips and Lengths?

ADO10416; None of these things have anything to do with
making a spectacle of a newcomer, or allowing a newcomer
to make a spectacle of him/herself. How can we best help
the suffering alcoholic approaching us? Because I was
allowed to just blend in as an equal, I believe it to
be the best way. It worked for me. And I believe that
EGO deflation at great depth is necessary for recovery.
Telling a newcomer she/he is the most important person
in the room is hardly deflating. We all know that the
new person is the most important person in the room (besides me). But it is harmful to tell that to the newcomer. Think about it. And get that membership
numbers info from GSO, please. ANONYMOUS

Chips and Marking time

"Many people don't like to see people celebrate lengths of sobriety simply because it reminds them that they never seem to acquire any length of sobriety.

I don't congratulate people for staying sober X amount of time. At the beginning of every meeting I hear "Probably no human power could have relieved our alcoholism and God could and would if sought" so I don't congratulate the person marking time. If I'm put on the spot to say something about someones anniversary, I sometimes look up and congratulate their Higher Power for keeping them sober. Otherwise I thank them sincerely for joining us. Also, because of the progression of recovery a person has done more in staying sober his 30th day than his 30th year. Chairs are full of people counting time instead of making time count. Story after story after story in the Big Book or from the podium tell us that sobriety does not cause more sobriety. Only a program of recovery causes more sobriety.

Enjoying the gift of sobriety since 1979 if it matters to anybody and still haven't been awarded a PHD in being un-drunken.

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Re:Chips and Marking time

Old joke:
Every day a gent out for his walk passed an empty lot that was overgrown with weeds and full trash. One day he decided to take a plastic bag with him and pick up some of the trash. Then he brought his wheelbarrow for the tires and other heave junk Soon he had the place clean and began cleaning out the weeds and planting shrubs and flowers. By mid summer he had turned an eyesore into a small park. One day a minister passed by while he was working and said, "Sir, you and God have surely transformed this patch of ground. The old gent replied, yep, but you should have seen it when God was doing it by Himself."
Of course I couldn't have gotten sober without a Higher Power. But until I did a lot of work He couldn't help me, either.
In my forty+ years of sobriety I've seen many who stay sober without doing anything but sit in meetings and complain about chips, prayers, readings, etc. etc. etc. to all who will listen.

Old Joke?

Jim: Have you really seen many sit in meetings and complain
about chips, prayers, readings, etc. etc. etc? I don't ever
recall hearing those complaints at meetings I attend. And I go to a meeting almost every day.
I am convinced that members who are bothered by these
things do not return. If our fellowship is not attractive
to them, they do not and will not stay. If they are court
ordered they will serve their time. There are some who
will choose prison time over reading and praying with
us. Pray on your own time in a place of worship or a
place of your own choice. An A.A. meeting is not the
place to pray. We are a fellowship, not a prayer group.
Do we still agree that chanting is stupid and must be
eliminated? Do you agree that the alcoholic and addict
fellowships must be separated? Do you ever hear these things discussed at meetings? Are you still able to get
out to meetings? ANONYMOUS

Only in A.A

Only in A.A can you find people to clap and cheer one on for surviving and making it out of a burning building that they themselves burnt down !!!!!!

RE: Only in A.A.

We stop being a drain on society by changing our behavior,
and expect praise and applause for doing so. We have lost
all humility. ANONYMOUS

Item for At Wits End

A drunk on the street asks a fellow for $10 'til payday. He responded "When's payday?" Then the drunk says " I don't know, you're the one who's working."

Item for wit's end!

Brilliant story--- the alcoholic knew which of the 2 were working!

item for wit's end!



Finally, a funny submission!

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Your Joke Submission

Grapevine may publish this in the magazine but before we can, can the person who sent it in contact us at webeditor@aagrapevine.org

Thanks you.

Item for At Wits End

A drunk was brought before the Judge, who said "You've been brought before me for drinking." "Okay, says the drunk, let's get started."

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Your Joke Submission

Grapevine may publish this in the magazine but before we can, can the person who sent it in contact us at webeditor@aagrapevine.org

Thanks you.

Item for At Wits End

A couple was sitting at a table at his High School reunion. He kept staring at a drunken lady sitting at a nearby table. His wife asks "Do you know her?" Yes, he replied, she was my old girlfriend and she took up drinking right after we broke up and hasn't been sober since. "My God" says the wife, "Who would think that a person could go on celebrating that long."

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Your Joke Submission

Grapevine may publish this in the magazine but before we can, can the person who sent it in contact us at webeditor@aagrapevine.org

Thanks you.

Birthday Chips in AA

Just a suggestion....the personal story in the Big Book called, "A Drunk Like You" talks about a man and his experience with sobriety, the Steps and a "token" in his pocket. I like it, you might as well. Mary Anne B.

RE: Birthday Chips in AA

Showing is better than telling any day yet superstition works well also ask any sponsor rather than ?

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Re birthday chips

You may find this interesting.

working steps off the wall

If you work the steps off the wall, you have an off the wall program!

Growth at Four Months

Meeting this week. Guy with 4 months of sobriety.
"I was going out the door this morning to have a smoke. Two guys were coming in. One lived at the Sally (Salvation Army) and the other was homeless." ....

How many of us would feel sorry for ourselves and say "I'm homeless AND living at the Salvation Army".
Alcohol has taken a great deal from my friend but but he wasn't homeless. He has a home that is safe, clean, warm and alcohol free and he's grateful for it. I hope some of his attitude rubs off on me. At only 33 years, I need more of what he has.

Closing remark

"I hope you've enjoyed listening, as much as I've enjoyed talking".
Bruce R.


Heard at a meeting:

AA is like a box of diapers. It covers bottoms, high or low (with huggies, pampers, pull-ups, and luvs).

Having a drink

A 4th year chip was given to a member today who said that if he wasn't an alcoholic he would be drinking today!

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Re: Having a drink

Sobriety chips are not A.A. they are made by outside enterprises. I don't think sobriety chips should be handed out in A.A. meetings. I have seen bulk orders available the internet from treatment centers. A.A. is not fellowship for treatment centers to make money, it is a fellowship for alcoholics. If people want sobriety chips they can get them from the outside enterprises that sell them. "Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions." (Tradition Seven) Sobriety chips are outside contributions which profit nobody but the outside enterprises that make them. I don't think sobriety chips keep alcoholics sober. "An A.A. group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the A.A. name to any related facility or outside enterprise lest problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from our primary purpose." (Tradition Six)I think A.A. is being diverted from its primary purpose by outside enterprises and their interference in our affairs.

re:Sobriety chips /Having a drink?

Fascinating rationalization here. With this thinking meetings should never serve coffee. My group advertises for national branded coffee by having the can next to the coffee maker. And more dastardly we give home group members a coffee cup once attending for a full year. By the way - who is being endorsed, financed or branding the AA name for their profit and prestige? I think it is you who has diverted from tradition 5.

AA chips

I disagree with your opinion of giving out chips! My groups do purchase our chips, we have never had any donated.I personally
Keep my chip in my pocket to remind me of where i've been, and how I got where I am today.It is a token from my AA friends whom without thier support & the help from my higher power, I may have already died from this terrble disease. I use this token the same way people used to use a worry stone. To each his own: LIVE AND LET LIVE!

Sincerely Mike J.- Christopher,Il.

aa chips

well said brother

Taking Tradition Six & Seven too literally...

If that was the case, then how about the coffee that each group purchases from companies that produce Folgers, Maxwell House, etc.??? They are 'outside enterprises'. What about your comment/opinion "I don't think sobriety chips keep alcoholics sober". It is simply a tangible 'reminder' of their daily commitment to stay sober. We jokingly say at our homegroup "If you feel like drinking, put the chip in your mouth and when it melts, you can then take a drink". Many DO believe chips help the newcomer, especially. However, the Big Book says there will be a time in every alcoholic's life where the only thing standing between him and a drink is his relationship with his Higher Power". I TOTALLY agree with this! NOTHING keeps us sober but our Higher Power...No CHIP, No Sponsor, No conditional sobriety factors such as spouses, employers, court-mandated attendance at meetings, etc. Sounds like there's a bit of a 'resentment' towards a business making a profit off the chips. The ARE a business...they DO produce a product that many groups feel provide a value to sobriety...so where's the problem???

You r so right!!

You r so right!!

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Having a chip or not having a chip

Having a chip or not having a chip is not going to be the thing that tears AA apart. Persistent, fear-based snarking and harping on non-issues such as whether we give out chips will be AA's undoing. Let us guard our fellowship with a broom rather a sword.

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