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Helping the family

An in-law call me said he might have a drinking problem and scared to drink on the holidays, I told him to take a cab, on the way home a sobriety check was in front of him and they flagged the taxi cab through, the next morning my in-law came to and wondered where the taxi cab came from !

Holidays vs Alcohol

Holidays don't get you drunk Alcohol does !!

holiday Vs Alcohol

an untreated alcohlic mind is what got me drunk.

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What to say...

At a recent meeting, a speaker was talking about going to holiday parties where the host or hostess doesn't know they are in AA and kept trying to push drinks on them. The speaker simply says, "No thank you. I've had enough to drink."

Genius in its simplicity.

What to say...

Ive nothing to say ..but ,,great idea thank you.M.M...nice little pearl..


Sobriety Lost It's Importance


Under every skirt there is a slip.


"I've also heard it said, Sobriety Lost It's Priority!

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Sobriety Lost It's Priority


Hope I don't do sober what I did drinking - NOT KNOWING WHERE IAM AT OR WHAT TO DO, NEEDING SOMEONE TO SPONSOR ME !!!!!

Need help

I am in a mess so i want help

Need help

Move away from the computer and pick up that one
ton telephone. Don't put it down until you contact
someone. If drinking alcohol is causing you grief,
contact Alcoholics Anonymous. We can be found in
almost any phone book. Or call information. We
can't help you if you don't contact us. Don't give
up. Keep trying. ANONYMOUS

ask & you shall receive

Don't get lost in the sauce.

Disease centered in the mind

When I first got sober I heard my grandsponsor share that she still goes to meetings 7 days a week. I go to 6 for my thinking and one for my drinking and I never know which one is for my drinking, so I dare not miss any meeting.

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Re:Disease centered in the mind

That grandsponsor (?) fits the description given to the gent on page 27, line 6 in the Big Book.
Eventually people get tired of hiding from booze in meetings and go find it again.
"If you have decided you want what we have and and are willing to go to any lengths to get it- ....."
Then you are ready to spend the rest of your life in meetings?

Disease centered in the mind

Your grandsponser has much wisdom.

RE: Disease centered in the mind

When all sponsors fail next time try A.A


It's Easier to Maintain a Relationship, than Repair One.

Maintaining a Relationship.

An argument often means that the subject of the argument has become more important than the relationship.


Forgetting Everythings All Right


False Evidence Appearing Real

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heard at meetings

I never had to have glasses on my but...cause hind sight is 20/20 Ilene M las Cruces NM


A woman accused me of taking her inventory when I asked her a simple question the other day...I'm too lazy to do my own inventory she's a nut case if she thinks I'm going to do hers!

picking flowers

heard at a meeting recently, I used to live next to a cemetry so I got free flowers when I wanted.
John B. Everett, Wa.

The missing link.

John said: "I was told to go to AA meetings and not take the first drink and I would get well. I have done that for the past 6 years. Here is how well I got! My wife is leaving me. My children (aged 31, 28 and 19) refuse to talk to me. My staff loathe me! Where am I going wrong?"

Simon his good friend said, "For 6 years you did not take the first drink, and attend meetings!"

John. " That is what I did."

Simon. "Here is where you went wrong in my opinion. Let me show you. There is a fruit cake here on the table. Suppose we drain all the alcohol out of it, what is left?"

John. "All that is left is the fruit cake!"

Simon. "For the past 6 years John you have drained, all the alcohol out of your system. That is excellent, well done. Do you see any link between you and the fruitcake?

John. "I did not bother with the programme of recovery. I see it now, thanks Simon!

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sponsorship and steps

Hey John, Don't work the steps, simply take them with your sponsor's help.

Getting even!

Whenever I want to get even, I get even worse!

Getting even.

The best way to get even I found through experience is to pray for the person!

Thirteenth Step

For those who contemplate "Thirteen Stepping" Beware of the Fourteen Step.
Making amends for Step Thirteen.

No step

Step 1-12 is only steps in big book, stop changing it to suit

Love and Tolerance from a bleeding deacon

AA, at least as reflected in my local groups and Grapevine letters, seems to have abandoned this code. Cancelation of subcription because the GRAPEVINE publishes letter from gays and agnostics cannot be viewed as tolerant. Letters encouraging profane and obscene language as being required to welcome young people are ridiculous. I have seen the word Suggested included on the wall display of the 12 step in old movies of AA meeting. Being an old agnotic, my tolerance for intolerance has been reached. I wish AA well but I decline any further identification with what AA has become.

Love and Tolerance

Before I stopped drinking I judged people and when I quit drinking I continued to do this. When I got SOBER I quit judging and placed the mirror in front of me. You know, I like what I see today!

Gayle F. Reno

Love and tolerance

I am a "right handed" person. I formed that habit through my daily life by "using my right hand!"

I become "tolerant" by practising "the habit of tolerance" in my daily life.

There is a useful saying here in Ireland, "LISTEN TO THE THUNDER. BUT AVOID THE LIGHTENING!"

Here is nice Irish one too.

"When all is said and done,
There is more said than done!
And just because a thIng is easy said, IT IS NT EASY DONE!!!"

Can't understand

I'm sorry. Because of some grammatical issues in your letter I cannot tell whether or not you think AA is tolerant or intolerant, and exactly WHY you are canceling your subscription.

AA has become intolerant and

AA has become intolerant and I am not canceling any subscription. I never had one in the first place. Is that clear enough? KMA


Hello KMA,

Where I go to meetings (in a big city), the people in AA are becoming more rather than less tolerant of diversity. There are plenty of agnostics. And nobody cares about your sexual orientation, just that you're trying to stay sober. AA is strong and thriving in the city I live in.

I do think AA reflects the bitter and increasingly wide divisions within American society as a whole. It has to--it's part of society whether we like it or not. AA in your part of the country might be different (although I have gone to meetings in small conservative towns and been welcomed). Still, those people who write in to the Grapevine huffing and puffing and threatening to cancel their subscription are a tiny minority.


Tolerance is a habit I practice with the help of my Higher Power, when ever I feel tempted to be intolerant.


Contempt prior to investigation is why Alcoholics
Anonymous has become such a failure. My head was jerked
from the sand about five years when I found that our
membership numbers were not increasing. If we are
truely helping other alcoholics our membership will
always grow. Grow or GO applies to Alcoholics Anonymous
as well as groups and the individual A.A. member.
Could you share exactly why and how the fellowship
has seemed to fail you. There are numerous reasons
why I refuse to renew my AA Grapevine Subscription.
The fact that it is awkward to open with the new
"perfect bound" structure is one reason. The fact
that the Grapevine, English and Spanish have drained
about two million dollars from our funds, concerns
me, all the while claiming to be self-supporting
by the sale of subscriptions. Only about 5% of our
membership subscribe to the Grapevine. It seems that
95% of the membership share your lack of interest.
Another concern is that our leaders seem to have transformed
"our" grapevine into an advertising tool for Alcoholics
Anonymous, bordering on sensational advertising. And
due to a decision by a past conference, the Grapevine
is automatically conference approved literature. Material
written by very few gets the same approval as that which
has gone through the General Service Conference process.
Being a conservative, I also dislike all the flashy
colors. Black and white would be fine with me, without
all the fancy art work.
My greatest concern is that we are using profit from
our Book and Literature business to support the whole
structure. We should not even have that profit available
to spend. We have a tradition of self support. Our
Trustee at our Fall assembly stated right out that we
are not self-supporting. Contributions from A.A. members
and Groups should be our only source of income. We are
supposed to be selling books and literature at the exact
cost of publishing and mailing. If we return to the goal
of full self-support, maybe our public image will improve.
You asked the question: What's on Your Mind? ANONYMOUS

Aa Grapevine - only supported by 5%

Grapevine increased price of subscription. Though it was probably long overdue, came at a bad time. Maybe $20 per subscription would increase subscribers significantly.

trusting sponsors

My sponsor talking to other people about my faults aa folk and general public, lost faith in aa

Trusting Sponsors

If I listen to a member of AA disclosing to me what a sponsee had confided to him.

I would tell him the right time, if he asked me, and also the day of the week!!!

trusting sponsor

potential sponsors should be observed before being chosen. talk to them if the are judgmental or loose lipped they might not be a good fit for you. as far as step work goes we only do three of them with a sponsor 1-2-3, ---5 is done with the person of our choosing 6-7-8 are done with our Higher power.

RE: trusting sponsor.

And yet we have groups where a new person is assigned
a sponsor at his/her first meeting. Or told in the
meeeting format to get a sponsor right away. ANONYMOUS

RE: trusting sponsor

The Big Book suggests that we take the third step
with an understanding person, but better to take it
alone than with someone who might understand.
The only step where another person is required is
Step Five. I believe that person ought to be a priest
or someone sworn to secrecy.
Anyone who can read and can follow the guidelines
in the BB and 12 &12 will be able to practice the twelve
steps. I would suggest a step meeting on a regular
basis to study the meaning of all the steps, and to
learn from others at all stages of recovery. ANONYMOUS

Principles above

Principles above personalities, my friend; not easy but essential.

Faith in AA

Hey, my friend.
AA is not about your sponsor. It's about YOUR recovery. The fact that your sponor gossiped only indicates that he has more work to do himself. I would recommend that you go to various meetings, listen closely for someone who sounds like they have what you want and then invite them to coffee where you can get to know each other before asking him to become your sponsor.

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Trusting a Sponsor

I'm on my 4th sponsor. My first one hired himself and I fired him within the first six months. I heard him share in open meetings things about his sponsees. He also shared allot about what he saw in others. Rarely did I hear him share ANY of his experience strength or hope. He has been sober for 3 decades but I still do not want too much of what he has. Follow your heart and be critical of potential sponsors. It is OKAY to fire some one and find another.

Trusting a sponsor

I share my experience strength and hope at AA. The preamble invites me to do so. Thanks for the reminder!

trusting sponsors

I have had this done to me as well.I started going to another group.They aren't worth getting drunk over

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barber shop

In regards to being around parties with no good reason, ive heard if you hang around

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