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Alcoholism At Large

September 2022 | Young & Sober
Alcohol deaths soar during pandemic

At Wit’s End

September 2022 | Young & Sober

Real & Earned

September 2022 | Young & Sober
No longer in a booze-fueled haze, a mom shows up for her daughter’s test and both pass with flying colors

The courage to show my face

September 2022 | Young & Sober
It took a while to turn his camera on, but this newcomer is staying sober, getting active and ready to log on

A Shoulder to Cry On

September 2022 | Young & Sober
She’s eager to give back the love she got. But she’s not anyone’s Higher Power

Strong Voice of the Eagle

September 2022 | Young & Sober
I’ve been sober more than 30 years. It has been a great journey. Being in AA and being Anishinabe, I believe, go hand in hand, for my culture is very spiritual and giving.

Listening to Life

September 2022 | Young & Sober
Once lost and now sober, an autistic member finally finds the truth about himself. To him, it’s music

The Way The Cookie Crumbles

September 2022 | Young & Sober
I went over to the vending machine. But out came oatmeal raisin cookies—not chocolate chip. Maybe God does watch my everyday activities.

Lighting the way

September 2022 | Young & Sober
Though her last day drinking was rudderless and dark, she found a beacon to point the way out

Discussion Topic

September 2022 | Young & Sober
It’s never too late


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