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Magazine Issue

At Wit’s End

May 2023 | Home Group

Hope & Healing

May 2023 | Home Group
After an awful accident, a longtimer shares gratitude for the love and care that came and filled her heart

Taking Off

May 2023 | Home Group
Once a drunken rule-breaker getting jailed by cops, she’s now happily sober and hitting the road

Room to Grieve

May 2023 | Home Group
Losing a struggling AA friend can be devastating. One member thinks we don’t discuss this enough

Huge Amounts of Love

May 2023 | Home Group
The gifts of kindness and patience that go into sponsoring come back in ways we can’t imagine

Logging On!

May 2023 | Home Group
Thank God for computers. They saved my life. These online New Jersey members walked me through my fears and loneliness. I have a host of new friends now.

Return to El Salvador

May 2023 | Home Group
Civil war didn’t end his life, but alcohol almost did. Now he gets to bring AA to help people back home

Park Bench

May 2023 | Home Group
Falling down drunk was his thing. But this time in Central Park, it was grace

Mother’s Day Surprise

May 2023 | Home Group
Her marriage had ended, her kids were gone and that dreaded day had finally come. What next?

It’s a Seat, Not a Throne

May 2023 | Home Group
While sitting in her well-deserved chair one day, she temporarily forgot about her group’s primary purpose


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