May 2015 Table of Contents

In "Working With Others," our co-founder, Bill W., suggests that while helping an alcoholic we may want to "let the doctor, if he will, tell him he has something in the way of a solution." But how will the doctor know about AA or where to find us? Committees on Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC) are made up of members who bring AA information to professionals—such as doctors, lawyers, judges, clergy and therapists—who come in contact with alcoholics. In his 1958 Grapevine essay, "Let's Be Friendly with Our Friends," Bill wrote, "So let us work alongside all these projects of promise to hasten the recovery of those millions who have not yet found their way out." This month's special section features stories of the many ways AAs provide this important service.

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Dear Grapevine: Letters from readers

Special Section: Cooperation with professionals
Operation: Cooperation
A sponsor and sponsee sign up to help get the AA message to doctors in the field

Drop Anchor
Simple CPC work helps one member stay sober and keep his ship docked in the solution

Thank You AA
A former high school teacher, now non-alcoholic trustee, shares her story and returns the love

Not Afraid to Be Judged
How a sober lawyer walked through his fear to reach out and do more service

The No. 1 Disappearing Book
Distributing AA literature is part of his service. If only he could keep enough books on the shelf

Shrink Rap
Talking with psychiatrists about AA so they can help their patients
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A Planted Seed
Fifty years ago, a member in Kansas delivered a message to a nursing class that later saved a life

Steps and Traditions
One Morning on the Beach
After spilling all her fears, she took her sponsor’s suggestion and let a little sunlight in

For Charlie’s Sake
Squabbling ceased when a newcomer’s needs turned the group to its primary purpose

Our Personal Stories
School Daze

A surprise visit to his son’s college became the final test of his own drinking

Five Drinks Max
When he announced his new 5-5-5 cutback program, his friends had a good laugh

Lost in the Outer Banks
A married couple crossed the country to follow a dream—but the bottle led the way

Young & Sober
Meetings, Dances and Late Night Coffee
A General Service trustee remembers how much Young Peoples’ Conferences helped him get sober

Emotional Sobriety
The Guy Who Ruined My Meeting
He’s new, he comes in late and he disrupts everything. Someone should do something

Into Action
Better Luck Next Time

Just when we think we’re right, the Concepts remind us what’s important

Home Group
Surrounded by Love

How a group in Canada showed a man with shaky hands that he was in the right place

Spiritual Awakenings
Perfect Timing

An old-timer learns about God’s care through AA and the creatures in his garden

In Every Issue
Alcoholism at Large
At Wit’s End