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On the Cover: Sober Holidays

The best gift
How an old makeshift tree on brown butcher paper reminded him of the most important things in life

A special bond
The holidays provide me with the perfect time to reach out and establish a bond with someone suffering the loneliness and isolation of incarceration 

No two alike
A member in California makes peace with the holidays one snowflake at a time

Two gifts from Zola
She began to set the Big Books on the tables and I helped her. I realized what was happening. Zola was showing me how someone does AA with 40 years of sobriety
On cultivating tolerance
Dr. Bob’s message in the July 1944 Grapevine is a wonderful thought to carry into the New Year

28 hours straight
There’s nothing like a good alkathon to keep him sane, sober and useful during the holidays

Dangerous treats
“Go ahead, Sarge. Take two pieces, it’s Christmas time.” So I did. I bit into the candy and to my surprise and shock, the candy was filled with brandy 

Remote Communities
Tank buddies
Far from home and in the field for weeks, these soldiers have a second mission stay sober

The color of love
In a big red house in San Francisco, heart after heart opens as AA shows up at his door

Broad highway
Every Thursday night, Calvin and others meet under the bridge on College Street

Steps and Traditions
The best part of my week
He’s seen men come and go. Some make it and many not, but one thing’s for sure: He keeps coming

I do what I can
I make it a point to help another drunk like me. Whether it’s giving a ride, attending a meeting or just picking up my phone 

Hope nobody sees me!
A member in Tennessee shares his thoughts about the importance of anonymity

Our Personal Stories
On the grass plains of Kenya
For a woman in Oregon, sobriety made a lifelong dream of working with elephants come true

We’re not alone
“Do you realize what has happened here tonight? First someone shared about suicide, then the next person ... We’re not the only ones." 

At every port, the booze once flowed freely. But now that he’s sober, he’s on full alert

10 years sober
There in the basement on his plywood bed, he was going to be OK. Something had changed
Into Action
Room 202

At six months sober, he joined his sponsor on a Twelfth Step call that neither will soon forget
Another Saturday night
Before these meetings start, I usually ask my buddy, God, “You put the words in my mouth.” I tell them how my home group got me involved in service work 

Land of the giants
They taught him whohe was and how to live.They were the memberswho gave him his start

Thanks, G.U.S.

How a construction worker led him to his new best friend, someone who’d never let him down

A word from my sponsor
She said the word “We” all 12 times. Hearing her voice was, to this day, one of the most healing and unifying experiences of my life 


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