August 2014 Table of Contents

This month's special section features stories from Hispanic members in AA.

Editor's Letter

Dear Grapevine

Raised in Loisaida
On New York's Lower East Side, she did it her way and drank like the boys

Everywhere he went, his drinking got him into trouble, until he found AA
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Queen of Alibis
After all the drunken lies, her house of cards finally fell
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A Search for the Ringleader
At a tense military checkpoint in Mexico, a member keeps his cool and gets a big surprise
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The Double Life of Paola
She was excited to be in the U.S., but her drinking took off, and she had to keep it a secret
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Steps and Traditions
Forgiving My Brother

In AA we get the wonderful chance to heal and let go of the regrets of our past

Pay Them, Not Me
Doing service is one thing, working an eight-hour job is another

Our Personal Stories
Sofa Sweet Sofa

Once the couch and liquor were her best friends. Now she can't get enough of the sun

A Long Way to the Green Berets
He was drunk and living in his truck. Then he sobered up and served his country
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Sober Ink
A sober mom makes a trip to the tattoo parlor to clear up a bit of the past

Home Group
Hillbilly Home Group

A woman fondly remembers her meeting in the Ozarks, made up only of men

Into Action
Truck Stop Angels

In search of food, clean clothes and an AA meeting, a tired driver hits the road and finds a truckload of kindness

Emotional Sobriety
Getting to the Root

Not smart enough, not thin enough, not good enough. The Steps helped her dig up the truth

A Wonderful Life

At 74, a California old-timer expresses gratitude for his 53 years in AA

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At Wit's End

Alcoholism at Large