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On the Cover: Home Group

Lives we change
In a small-town church, a man
arrives to thank his daughter's
home group for the love they gave
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The rowdiest, rockingest group
Who knew there'd be this much
knee-slapping fun in the dingy
basement of her local church?

Nothing fancy here
The machine shed across from the
dollar store is nothing special, but
what happens inside sure is
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Living in a new town, a member
finds a unique way to stay close to
his beloved longtime group
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Where the winners were
His search for a home group paid
off when he discovered a bunch of
old guys with books  

Steps and Traditions
Turning point
A member recalls the tragic story
that helped him make a decision
and put him on the road to Step Three

One requirement
People and groups may have their
rules, but the Third Tradition tells
us exactly what's  needed to be a
member—a desire to stop drinking 

Our Personal Stories
A new lease
The day this real estate guy hit
rock bottom, a buyer appeared.
Boy was it his lucky day 

Thirst for adventure
A footloose bohemian sobers up
and hits the road and discovers
things she never imagined 

Early diagnosis
A doctor gave him a prescription
for his shakes. Turned out there
was no need for a second opinion
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Flying blind
How a drunken pilot on a collision
course with liquor bailed out and
landed safely   

Into Action
Worth the wait
Stressed and lonely, she needed a
meeting and almost gave up. Good
thing she listened to her feet.

Emotional Sobriety
Taking it on the road
No matter where she is, this happy
traveler learns to love and give and
live the sober life  

Fun in Sobriety
Off to the races
He loved racing. He also loved
liquor. Now that he was sober,
would he have to hit the brakes? 

Preacher in my truck
Desperate for a drink, a newcomer
reaches out to a stranger who ends
up saving the day
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Spiritual awakenings
Out there somewhere
One morning, at a little meeting
on the harbor, he got more
than enough reminders to keep

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