August 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Carry the Message

How we did it
A hard-working Grapevine chair in Missouri shares how
herstate helped carry the message in a big way

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A Tough climb 
Filled with resentment and lots of prayer, a Missouri mom
trudges to her daughter's birthday and is met with an unexpected gift

Three floors of love 
He'll never forget his first year sober in that beloved old 

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Unlocking stories 

Taking Grapevines into a women's prison to help them write
their stories ends up helping everyone 

Out like a light 
she tired everything to get a little sleep, but nothing helped-then
she discovered Grapevine

Steps and Traditions 
Desert Storm
How a woman left out in the wild to die found
the willingness and forgiveness to consider a most unimaginable

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Our Personal Stories

Bumpy decision  
A sober doctor learns that finding just the right sponsor can be a contact sport

Broken Promises
she always meant to take her to the park, but her hangovers kept
getting in the way 

Emotional Sobritety:

This day, the trout were plentiful Fortunately, so were the tools of AA

One scary scary guy  
AA is full of surprises. An old-timer remembers the day he got a really big one 

12 steps to gate 7
A newcomer learns it's never too early to reach out and help a fellow frequent flyer 
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