June 2015 Table of Contents

It can't be easy to get sober and stay sober in prison, especially when many institutions don't even have meetings. We get letters from inmates all the time who express their gratitude that Grapevine is sometimes their only lifeline to sobriety. This month's special section features stories of hope from our members inside and outside of prison.

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Readers write in: Dear Grapevine

Special Section:
Stories of hope from AA members inside and out of prison walls.

On the Right Track
With the help of a few local AA guys, things are starting to look up for Steve

Make it Happen
With her HP and a little action, a woman in a prison without many meetings finds a pretty good solution

The Biggest, Meanest Dude I’ve Ever Seen
After his first prison commitment, an AA swears he’ll never do that again

Learning to Live
How AA helped one long-time inmate stay sober in prison and chart a new path

Free on the Inside
Although he’s serving a life sentence, the Steps help him to continue to grow and be useful

Where the Trees Once Grew
Though the peaches gave way to concrete and steel, it remained a place to plant beautiful seeds

From 3,000 Miles Away
A man serving 30 to life learns a new way to live from someone he’s never seen

Steps and Traditions
A Closer Look at Myself
He loved being everyone’s judge, until he discovered a little thing called a character defect

Sign of the Times
A group in Canada struggles with change after a new member raises an uncomfortable question

Our Personal Stories
The Opera Singer
She left the stage and hid in the bottle. Now she faces the music and sings a new tune

Father’s Day
In a restaurant in Little Italy, a sober dad gets a huge serving of love

Sharp Decline
International success won’t help when you can’t get out of the bar

The Pendant
After just one week sober, a newcomer treats herself—but little does she know she has already won the prize

The Last Thing in His Wallet
An old-timer remembers the day he lost everything—but a prayer
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Home Group
One Block East of Wornall
A little meeting in Kansas City has been giving back since AA was six years old

Emotional Sobriety
Message Received
It used to take many times to hear the truth, and now it usually takes once

Spiritual Awakenings
Clear Blue Water
Amazed at her new sober life, she’s reminded of a dream that opened her eyes to a Higher Power

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AA News
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large