May 2014 Table of Contents

"We neither ran nor fought. But accept we did. And then we began to be free." —Bill W., "What Is Acceptance?," March 1962 Grapevine

Letter from the Editor

Dear Grapevine: Letters from Readers

We Belong
In Michigan, a deaf member joins a group and finds the true meaning of sharing

My Lifeline to the World
A deaf member gets help from her canine friends, but it’s AA that saves her sobriety

Rolling to Acceptance
Going to meetings in a wheelchair was really hard until one day she got a great big idea
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I Hear the Message
A man who can’t read gets a big bag of surprises and what pours out is years of love and kindness

Fresh Air
After a head injury, a woman with 24 years finds a different way to attend meetings—and a whole new set of friends
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Tough Nights and Days
A bipolar member gets help from an AA meeting filled with people just like herself

Finding Our Way
A blind member’s situation gives him a unique ability to help others

Steps and Traditions

Pop that Top!
With her sponsor’s help, she opened her past and let it all spew out

Calling Alcoholics
A member says that using the phone is one of the best ways to practice her primary purpose

Our Personal Stories

Twelve Floors over Ketchikan
A homeless fisherman goes north to die, but instead finds a warm new life

Love on Emerald Lake
After a breakup, he headed to Vermont to be of service. But his HP had much bigger plans
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Mom, I’m an Alcoholic
The day she dreaded finally came—it was time to tell her mother the truth


The Big Stare Down
She couldn’t fool her furry BFF. When she got sloshed, it was the doghouse for her

What’s On Your Mind?

Note to Boss
Can Warranty Five help us grow outside of AA as well as inside? One member says yes

Founders’ Day

My Town—Our Celebration
An old-timer shares how lucky she is that she got sober in Akron, Ohio

Spiritual Awakenings

The Stump
How a sponsor helped her out of the woods toward her own Higher Power


Mother’s Day
Her hidden bottles and quiet despair ended one spring morning by the pool

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