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Ever since our co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, met to talk about their drinking in Akron, Ohio in 1935, the special one-on-one bond of sponsorship has been a vital part of alcoholics getting and staying sober in AA. This month, our special section features wonderful stories of the ways members use sponsorship to stay sober and connected to live full, happy lives.

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This month's special section features stories from members about their experiences with sponsorship.

Under the Renoir
Sometimes it takes a sponsor to encourage us to paint our own masterpiece

What’s a DCM?
Learning the ropes from a service sponsor has made her a more grateful AA

A sponsor’s view
When Jay removed his glasses, the Big Book came alive—yes, even the pages with Roman numerals

90 days of June
One summer, a woman with a few years sober decided to kick her program into high gear

All this and fly-fishing
His sponsor guided him through his most turbulent times and taught him to enjoy calm waters

In the mountains, a woman faces big changes after a breakup and a move
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Down by the river
The biggest lesson he learned on that boat was not the one he expected

Steps and Traditions
Morning coincidence

Sometimes the little moments that almost pass us by turn out to be gigantic

Breaking new ground
Digging up experience on trusted servants and the many ways they form our group conscience

Our Personal Stories
Eddie’s journey

The road is rocky and sometimes uphill, but he’s found his primary purpose

Fresh air kissing my face
After years of drinking and living on the streets, AA helped her trust and breathe free again
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Now I get it

Shaking and scared, a newcomer recalls his mom’s early days in AA

Into Action
The man behind the curtain
An old-timer finds that a Twelfth Step call right after surgery is a delightful operation

I made it to the surface
In 1965 liquor almost pulled him under, but GSO came to the rescue

Emotional Sobriety
Outsmarting the Jersey Devil
Wrecked cars, smashed toes and motel hell ... nothing can keep him from having a joyful 25th anniversary

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