December 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: On the Cover: Stories about Remote Communities in AA and holiday stories 

Remote Communities
"And she waits"
In a tiny rural village with no street
lights and no AA, a woman brews a
Pot of coffee and reads

"Big, beautiful & wild"
With grizzly bears and bighorn
sheep for neighbors, how was he
ever going to stay sober?

"I know, I've been there"
On a 12th Step call at a remote
Kansas farm, three men learn that
the language of the heart can come
Through a pen

"Whatever we're needed"
A delegate from the Yukon
Territory shares what she's learned
about the challenges of some of our
most remote communities

"Guiding light"
Staying sober on a rum-filled ship
can be rough. But with her sponsor
as her lighthouse, she's doing it

Sober Holidays
"Let it snow"
Holidays were once a constant
storm. But now we have each other
to keep us sober, safe and warm   

"Happily giving"
Oh, what a bag of goodies we have
to share once we get sober

Steps and Traditions
"Office party gone bad"
Boy, had he done it now. Little did
he know he was about to be quietly

"I heard you don't drink"
There's nothing like an anonymity
break to ruin a lovely, hot summer
beach day

Our Personal Stories
"Can't stop"
Her compulsion to drink made
her hide vodka everywhere—in
drawers, in old coats—even on the

"Pray for land!"
Stuck on a crazy boat for 10 days
with no money and a dangerous
captain—and no meetings in sight

"Late night shopping spree"
He just wanted a few things to go
with his booze—and hey, why pay?
Oh, he paid alright

What's On Your Mind?
"Oh Lord!"
When it comes to saying the Lord's 
Prayer, one member offers his own 
helpful interpretation

"One plate at a time"
Dirty laundry, piles of trash and
stacks of filthy dishes. Little by
little, a newcomer cleans up his act


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