August 2015 Table of Contents

"Some day we hope that every alcoholic who journeys will find a Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous at his destination," it says in "A Vision for You" in the Big Book. "…Those of us who travel drop in as often as we can. This practice enables us to lend a hand, at the same time avoiding certain alluring distractions of the road, about which any traveling man can inform you." This month's special section features stories about how members stay sober on the road or in the air.

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Safe Landing
A pilot gets sober and watches his life really take off

Danger: Port Ahead
A sailor with two years sober calls in the big guns when he hits dry land

Mary on the Go
She used to hate traveling, but now that she’s two years sober, she’s hitting the road
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Storm Shelter
On a trip through Alabama, a woman finds that disaster relief includes the loving arms of AA

How to Survive Cocktail Hour—at 30,000 Feet
Facing a stressful trip to see the family on a plane without drinking booze? One guy has some tips.

My Lucky Day in Vegas
Desperate to stay sober on a business trip, a newcomer takes action and wins big

Steps and Traditions
Ready to Sweep
Step Eight reminds him which side of the street to clean

Who’s in Charge?
Luckily, in his quest to save AA, he ran across one of our special workers

Our Personal Stories
Martinis in a Mayo Jar
This mom had a super-sized craving—and she didn’t even like martinis
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A Tale of Two Brothers
Separated for 36 years, two alcoholic brothers experience quite a surprising reunion

What’s on Your Mind?
Highs & Lows
A “low-bottom” member makes the case that all of our stories are powerful—and should all weigh the same

Into Action
Glad to Empty our Pockets
Two AA friends find joy in taking meetings behind five locked metal doors Related: Just Like Hot Dogs

Spiritual Awakenings
On Sacred Ground
Who knew a spiritual trek to the Black Hills would include a van full of fun-loving AAs?

Emotional Sobriety
The Sweet Spot
How one longtime member lines up emotionally and spiritually, whether on land or sea

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At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large