November 2014 Table of Contents

Each November, our special section features selections from our Grapevine Story Archive. This extensive archive—found on our website,—contains every story printed in Grapevine since 1944, including many of Bill W.'s essays. This month we feature stories of experience, strength and hope from our new book, Sober & Out, by and about LGBT AA members.

Letter from the Editor

Dear Grapevine

On the cover:
From our new book "Sober & Out," stories of experience and hope by LGBT AA members.

Janet’s Story
She was supposed to be a missionary, but instead she discovered alcohol

The Other Brother
Some of us get lucky and make it to AA—some of us don’t

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A Girl from the Midwest
An alcoholic gay woman finds sobriety and acceptance in AA

Surprise in the Desert
At a very special AA campfire meeting one night, feathers were about to fly

Acceptance is a Two-Way Street
A gay man remembers learning the importance of AA unity in meetings in the 1970s

Steps and Traditions
Dear HP

Neither rain nor snow could keep him from giving this prayer thing a shot

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Mike the Plumber & Airplane Tim?
Should AAs be less anonymous when we introduce ourselves to each other?

Our Personal Stories
Pillow to Pillow

A newcomer learns a dream of a concept: If he can make it to bedtime without a drink, he’ll stay sober

Blast from the Past
At an AA dance, she looked up and got the surprise of her life

It was the AA guys in prison who taught him about a new freedom and a new happiness

Conneticut, My Prison
She went to the country for a fresh start. She didn’t get very far

25-lb. Turkey, 500-lb. Phone
How a newcomer gets through his first stressful sober Thanksgiving

Oh No, It’s That Bob Again

It was bad enough he was all alone on Thanksgiving, but now that happy AA guy was back

Into Action
The Wizard of Booze

Lights, camera, action: A good laugh is the kind of service this alcoholic can sing about

What’s On Your Mind?
My Friend Danny

A winner in AA might not always look like what we expect

Legendary Old-Timers

A woman who got sober in the 1960s lovingly remembers those who paved the path before her

Emotional Sobriety
Fan the Flames

In the mountains of Idaho, a woman gets a warm Thanksgiving reminder of the fire that came back in her life

In Every Issue
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large