April 2019 Table of Contents


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On the Cover: Relapse

Unhappy Memorial Day
After a bellyful of beer, a sober Vietnam vet’s celebration takes a very nasty turn

Secret in the cupboard
You’ve been good for so many years, she thought, as she quietly poured vanilla extract in her coffee

My plan to end it all
This newcomer’s pink cloud may not have lasted, but luckily AA did

In & Out
After suffering for years in the revolving door, he finally found the answer outside himself

In trouble
I decided that I would buy a bottle and only drink on vacation once a year. A month later I was drinking every evening after my son went to bed

Relapse after 11 years
From a Florida jail, a dad warns how pain meds and a weak program woke his sleeping lion

Exit Lights
I had never worked a proper Step Six or Seven. Or I hadn’t arrived at a proper understanding of them. I was slowly moving closer to a drink

Pain in the neck
At eight months sober, he got a prescription—but his disease was three steps ahead

Action required
Pray, call, go to a meeting, do the next thing by sweeping that floor, folding those clothes, washing those dishes

Steps and Traditions
Popping up everywhere
His fear of past wrongs overwhelming him was put to rest with a thorough Step Four

Gotta write it down
He opened the Big Book and pointed to the chart. He gave me a piece of paper and a pen and told me to go into the den and make a similar list

Coffee or tea?
Tradition Four is handy when choosing which beverage to serve, but what about when we decide on other Traditions?

Our Personal Stories
Worn out
Ripped and stained, it’s a precious memory of his last drunk. It’s not just any shirt

Happy, sad, lonely, strong
I first visited AA when a family member was celebrating her one year anniversary

Running out the clock
One night in LA, many years ago, a desire to drink took her on a ride she’ll never forget

A satisfying life
I have a great marriage to a man in the rooms. We sit on the front porch and watch hummingbirds feed, and then head into town for an AA meeting

Rescued in the Big Easy
An exhausted sober relief worker heads for an airport bar and the surprise of her life

Into Action
He was our friend
A member recalls a man who could not stop drinking, until the very end of his life

What’s on Your Mind?
How we drank
Do we sometimes forget to share about why we came to AA in the first place?

Emotional Sobriety
My old drinking buddies
Learning to navigate longtime friends without much of a struggle

Yes, me
Whenever I find myself in a mood where I’m starting to ask, “Why me?” I very quickly put myself in my place. Other times I need to be kind to myself

Spiritual Awakenings
From my back pocket to my heart
A sober pastor thanks AA for helping him find his way back to God

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