July 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: AA in Prison

Inside Job
A Florida man gladly returns to his old jail to help plant seeds and lift a few spirits

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AA saved this former gang member’s life—more than once

Sound Asleep

They Wait for Us
An old-timer discovers the joy of taking meetings to the women at her local prison

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Follow the Donuts
After 20 years of liquor and prison, he was served a treat he couldn’t refuse

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Steps and Traditions
Drama Queen
It took a run-in with his daughter and wife to see he had a little more Step work to do

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One for Mom and One for Harv
A family passes down the gratitude for all Alcoholics Anonymous has given them

Our Personal Stories
You’re in for a Ride
With jobs, family, relationships, he always ran out of gas. But now that he’s sober, his life has really hit the road

Our Oasis
On a much-needed vacation to Mexico, a sober couple take in some sun and make a host of new AA

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Wrong Way
After 10 years dry, she went back to drinking, and it took a disaster to wake her up

Spiritual Awakenings
His trips to the canyon to search for meaning now provide some answers

Let the Good Things Happen
Thanks to a judge, this married couple has been sober and living their dreams for more than 50 wonderful years

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Into Action
On to the Next Town
No matter what city you find yourself in, wonderful service awaits you

A Lone, Overhead Light
Sometimes it’s those quiet moments after everyone’s gone that are most remembered

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Dear Grapevine
AA News
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large