October 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Atheist and Agnostic Members

"Sober with no god"

How a nonbeliever got active,
found his place in AA and 
has stayed sober for 26 years

Ceased fighting 
She connected to the power in the
rooms, and with her sponsor's help,
she learned to take off the gloves 


"God on every page"
When he opened the Big Book for 
the first time, he though...How 
will I ever fit in?
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My search
After five years of faking it, a 
young member, with the help of 
her sponsor, gets honest about her 
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A long-time member shares
about the challenges of being an
unbeliever and helping others
along the way

We share common ground

A past General Service Board 
Chair shares his throughts after
attending an atheist and agnostic 
AA Convention 


Steps and Traditions  
Pause button
It was a vacation in paradise. So
why was she getting into people's
faces at every turn? Step Ten to the 


 My vote: no opinion 
It's election time! Members are 
stressed and rattled. Time to 
share about it? Uh...maybe not


Our Personal Stories
Time to punt
This high school coach was losing
the drinking game. Then one day
a fellow teacher handed him a winning play 


Paradise not lost 
How a return to the scene of 
her darkest drinking became a 
beautiful experience 
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Hunting the enemy 
This old-timer saw battles
all over the world, but his 
real foe was always within

Panic time
Newly sober, his marriage ends—
and now a brand new job! what
could possibly happen next?


Into Action
Study buddies
Her daily dose of AA literature for 
a wonderful sobriety boost was just 
a call way 


What's on your mind?
I'm getting thirsty!
Why one members needs to hear
about someone's despreate need for

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