October 2015 Table of Contents

How do we stay sober and maintain our serenity and emotional sobriety when problems annoy us and people get in our way? Luckily, we have AA. Whether it's writing a Fourth Step inventory, doing a Tenth Step, or praying for someone, we have wonderful tools that help navigate our day. The Big Book says it best: "Love and tolerance is our code." This month's special section features stories by members about letting go of resentments.

Letter from the Editor

Dear Grapevine

On the Cover: Letting Go of Resentments

Back in My Heart
She keeps her father's boyhood photo to remind her of how far her healing has come

Praying for Coworkers
He couldn't stand those guys at the office, but he kept working on it—one prayer at a time
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He Snoozes, She Rages
For weeks, she went out of her way to drive this guy to meetings, only to watch him doze!
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Who Took My Wallet?
Why would someone steal at her AA meeting? Especially when she was trying to be so nice

Change in Focus
Desperate to relate to her difficult mother, she let the Steps help her put the microscope away

What's This World Coming To?
Pricey coffee, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and everyone wanting a tip. It's enough to keep someone up all night

Steps and Traditions
Painful Ego-Puncturing
New in town, she dove into service and wanted a position. What she got was an opportunity to grow

Sassy Pearls of Wisdom
If minding one's own business can work for the group, then it might work for her as well

Our Personal Stories
End of the Line
She was in the fashion business, but her life was hardly haute couture

I Got My Wish
Once she got sober, Alcoholics Anonymous gave this transgender woman something she always wanted
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Lucky Turns
Just when a sober trucker decides to switch gears, his HP sends him on a most unexpected route

Into Action
We Never Know What God Has Planned
How a sober mom just kept showing up and somehow ended up with the keys to Intergroup
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Spiritual Awakenings
Carving Out Faith
She finally found a connection with her Higher Power that couldn't be smashed

Emotional Sobriety
Peace Be Still
When he feels the urge to make ripples in the pond, he turns to his Higher Power

Still Standing Tall
Through pests and storms, he's stayed sane and sober for 52 miraculous years

In Every Issue
At Wit's End
Alcoholism at Large