December 2014 Table of Contents

The holidays are a time for laughter, joy and fellowship. But they also can be stressful for alcoholics. Thanks to AA, we have ways to help us navigate parties and family gatherings—tools to help us with our loneliness, to help lower our expectations and remind us to reach out to others. This month, we feature stories by members who have found ways to stay sober through the holidays.

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On the Cover: Sober Holidays
Stories of how AAs stay sober and do service during the holiday season.

Faith & Flour
With one cup of AA and a pound of love, a sober mother bakes some holiday joy

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The Gift of Sharing
The words he spoke to his AA group that December opened their hearts forever

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Decision on Route
One Christmas Eve, a newcomer was very glad he turned left instead of right

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Steps and Traditions
The Next Guy up to Bat
A desperate call to AA after his son’s birthday led to a moment he’ll never forget

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Saved by the Bell
An attempt to break his anonymity at a job interview gets sidetracked by divine intervention

Our Personal Stories
A Cabin in the Woods
A newly sober wife escapes into the mountains to hike and fish—but that’s not all she does

A Table’s Journey
The things we lose when we drink sometimes return in the most unexpected ways

A Mother’s Final Gift
A newcomer reconnects with her dying mom and gets a little surprise in the mail

Emotional Sobriety
A Letter Every Week
A writing assignment from her sponsor healed years and years of anger

Into Action
Goodbye Perryville
A woman in Arizona expresses gratitude for the time she spent in a nearby prison

Go for the Ride
One reason he got involved in general service was right outside on the curb

Take a Bow, AA
Sober since 1969, a man in Connecticut recalls his long, rocky, wonderful AA journey

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Picture This
She couldn’t look back because she had fallen so far

Spiritual Awakenings
Reflecting on the Past
A beautiful view of a mountain lake gives him gratitude for how far he’s come

In Every Issue
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large