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Our co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, could never have imagined the many ways AA members communicate and stay connected today. Social media, texting, online meetings … never before have we had so many chances to share with one another, as well as opportunities to stay close to our Traditions and our spiritual foundation of anonymity. Our special section this month features members’ experience with AA and technology.


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Dear Grapevine: letters from readers

Gadget Geek
With texting, GPS and video feeds, a long-time member shares how much easier it is now to stay connected

Breakdown, 3 A.M.
A newcomer gets busy making sober friends online, until one night in D.C. it really pays off
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Tagging & Posting
The more he used his thumbs, the more he learned about anonymity
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A New Anonymous?
One member asks: As we broaden our use and understanding of anonymity, where do privacy and security come in?

12 Steps—8,000 Miles
Thanks to the Internet, a newcomer in Argentina finds a sponsor who can help her do the work

They Got To See the Best of Me
Because of technology, her wish to go back and help the women at her former prison was about to hit the big screen
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Steps and Traditions
My Superhero

A father begins to make amends to the daughters he was once too drunk to love
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100 Cups of Coffee
We follow spiritual principles whether it’s keeping the money or plugging in the pot

Our Personal Stories
A Moment in the Dark

In a sea of empty beer cans, he had made his home a prison. What would it take to break free?

The Angriest Newcomer
She was desperate to take the edge off, but afraid to go back to her vodka martinis

Cocktails and a Side of Stress
Rattled by an office drinking event, she discovered the power of reaching out

The Ride I’ll Never Forget
He thought he was just riding his bike to a morning meeting. He had no idea he was making an amends

Spiritual Awakenings
No Pitchfork

A new member struggles with his religious past as he considers Step Two

Into Action
What a Concept

Our Concepts aren’t only for service geeks. A member in New Jersey explains why

Lucky Pennies
A old-timer recovering from surgery learns it might just be his time to get paid back

The Mysterious Social Director

That elegant woman who seemed to know everyone had caught her eye. It was a moment that would last for decades

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