September 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Young & Sober

Way to party
A party boy kept going until he found himself
all alone. That's definitely not the case today


Running wild
it didn't matter how young or
Rebellious he was, the old-times
took him in and showed him love
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Sober feet
With his skateboard in one hand
and a Big Book in the other,
a newcomer finds his crew
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My beautiful tragedy
A liquor-filled drive to a bonfire changes
a young girl's life forever.
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Steps and Traditions
What I do owe
Abandoned by a skid row father, a son
struggles to make amends to him


Necessary work
Our co-founder looked for the balance
between balance between simplicity and
necessity to get the job done


Our Personal Stories
Shoes to live for
A woman in spike heels kept
him sober that night. How did she know all his secrets
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No way out
He escaped a troubled childhood
by joining the army.But he couldn't
escape the bottle


Emotional Sobritety:
Seemingly Effortless
Stranded on an island in Alaska,
a member looks up, says a prayer and
lets a little joy take flight


Listening for 50 years
In 1965, an old-timer heard
the bartender say last call. Five decades
later, he's still using his ears
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Into Action
Saddle up
When he gets a Twelfth Step call,
he doesn't question it, he just goes


One last time
The suit he bought in early
sobriety has seen many occasions.
this one is dear to his heart


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