August 2018 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Carry the message

Congrats! Northeast & Pacific Regions
Winners of our 2017 4 Seasons of Service Challenge

Trunk full of love
The stories she read helped her so much she couldn’t wait to hit the road and share the good news

Break time
When you’re at a service meeting and about to tear your hair out, remember—don’t take yourself too seriously

The big event
Chairing a what? A mini-conference? Oh no, how do you do that? She was about to find out

Crazy for service
A district Grapevine rep discovers a wonderful world of service, meeting others and carrying the message

Good to the last drop
There’s no better air freshener at a morning meeting than the good, old-fashioned smell of coffee

Steps and Traditions
Every time he thought about this guy, his blood boiled. He had to do something

Thanks for the call
All alone and far from home, she really needed a meeting. Luckily, AA has special workers

Our Personal Stories
No one will know
He went to any lengths to keep his drinking secret. And bottle after bottle, he was pouring his life down the drain

Even at sea
We love meeting other recovering alcoholics wherever we go. They help me and my husband stay sober at sea or on the road

Carpenter, welder, snake-handler, drunk
An old-timer writes of hard work and drinking and how sharing a donut can make his day

Could have been me
This man—both a stranger and a friend—helped me understand the gift I have been given. He reminded me of how it was before

Truck stop angel
It’s the middle of the night, her car has died and she’ll miss her flight. How will she ever make her son’s wedding?

Fun in Sobriety
Spaghetti legs
Dancing, camping, bowling and water-skiing! His life was definitely not over

Emotional Sobriety
In the warm sunlight
Sitting at her aunt’s table, she was content just doing what was in front of her

It’s my turn now
It was time to give away what Kenny had done for him. But was he ready?


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