April 2015 Table of Contents

Once we get past early sobriety and begin to build busy, sober lives, some of us face new challenges. We prepare ourselves, the "Twelve and Twelve" says, "for the adventure of a new life." But then comes the "acid test" our co-founder, Bill W., writes about: "Can we stay sober, keep in emotional balance, and live to good purpose under all conditions?" Welcome to double digit sobriety! In this month's special section, members with some time under their belts share their experience, strength and hope.

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Special Section: Double Digit Sobriety
Part of Something Big
How her dream to have a meaningful life became something to really cheer about
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One Room at a Time
At 22 years sober, she was about to make a big moveā€”but this time she let her past experience do the heavy lifting

Out of the Foxhole
After his pink cloud went away challenges hit, and isolation led him down a tunnel of white-knuckling pain
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Shakin' it Up
A member with time struggles with his home group and finds out that change is good

Welcome Back, Sucker
After 11 years, he stopped going to meetings and an old friend returned

A Long Overdue Amends
A member learns to take care of her body so she can pass on the AA message

Steps and Traditions
A Sketchy Fourth Step
With help from her sponsor, a member with a learning difficulty did some Step work she thought she'd never be able to do

A Reciprocal Dynamic
When we practice Tradition Four while remembering Step Three, everybody wins

Our Personal Stories
Brooklyn Dreams
Trading drunken nightmares of a dark canal for the Serenity Prayer and a brighter life
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A New Melody
In AA, it's never too late to put down the bottle and learn a brand new song

A Trip to the Bakery
Desperate to not drink on day one, a newcomer gets on her bicycle and takes her first suggestion
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What's On Your Mind?
101,012,886 Cups
Should we change the way we drink our coffee? One member thinks so

Into Action
Man of Many Talents
His ride into AA service has taken some wonderful turns and he's yet to hit the breaks

Young & Sober
Strapping Myself In
The Ups and Downs of a Super Young AA

Spiritual Awakenings
In a Child's Room
The day HP took a dad's eyes off the wall and directed them to the bottle in his hand

In Every Issue
At Wit's End
Alcoholism at Large