November 2018 Table of Contents


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On the Cover: AA in the Early Days

How 14 groups grew to 22
In 1944, AA’s cofounder, Bill W. swings through California to lend a helping hand to the new groups

With just a few weeks sober, a newspaperman learns that some Twelfth Step calls really pay off

New Years in Akron
Anne had gotten two new dresses. When I asked her which dress she would wear, she said, “I can’t wear a new dress. There will be so many who have no new clothes.”

A bunch of drunks
How a couple lucked out by living around the corner from Manhattan’s 24th street clubhouse

Bill’s wife remembers
Desperate attempts to quit liquor, fistfights in the house and flying shoes. Early AA had it all

Can I buy you a drink?
In 1963, at a ski lodge in Quebec, an alcoholic makes a friendly offer. Boy, did she get the wrong guy

Steps and Traditions
Many steps to prayer
A longtime agnostic member shares about his wonderful journey with Step Eleven and how he meditates while walking with his dog

Step right up
A member shares his thoughts about anonymity, attraction, promotion and setting up an AA booth at the county fair

Even in a bar
I’ve often wondered how many people saw me that day. Was I their only example of how AA worked? ... Or did not work?

Our Personal Stories
A desperate dad
Trying to manage his drunken nights was taking its toll. How would he ever be a good father?

Family date
Rich and I had never shared our sober dates with each other, but we were blessed to share sobriety. I miss Rich all the time.

When the kids are sleeping
Once they were tucked in bed, she could drink the way she wanted. She just couldn’t stop

Somewhere to be
His marriage just ended and last night he slept in his car. He was sure happy to see his sponsee

Emotional Sobriety
Living proof
No expert advice required. Seeing others live a sober life does this member a world of good

Savor the moment
Today, she can be grateful for the smell of fruit at her nose and another day to read, learn and create

Spiritual Awakenings
Deep blue silent mystery
Like the flow of the river where he took his first drink, he followed his search, which led him to AA

Into Action
Sharing her story with these men helped set her free from a prison of her own

Mystery rıde
He got me checked in and waited. Then he talked with me about the solution. He left, and I’ve never seen him since

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