October 2017 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: AA in the Military

Tough enough
When the helmet comes off and the Big Book comes out, there’s no such thing as seniority or rank

My guardian angel
She knew she had a problem. What she didn’t know was that the guy she liked would help her find the answer

They always read a citation which said, “The United States Air Force versus Leo R.” That’s a lot of people to have against you

Through heat, sand and sniper fire, their AA group kept them sober to show up and do their jobs

Walking the walk
Stationed far from home and with drinking all around her, a newcomer calls up her AA tools to stay sober another day

Six drunks in Eden
I and a few AA members started a meeting near the city of Basra in Iraq. Basra is believed by some to be the ancient home of the Garden of Eden

Coming home
The death of a fellow veteran reminds one member of how AA helps combat his loneliness

At a base in Massachusetts, a medical officer steps up to help his chaplain and it becomes a win-win for everyone

Steps and Traditions
Jumping to conclusions
Wild kids next door were causing trouble and she had to do something. She had no idea she was leaping headfirst into Step Ten

Golf fever
Too much discussion about outside issues at meetings makes one member a bit teed off

Our Personal Stories
Out of gas
A mother recalls how she used to wait outside the liquor store and wonder how people lived their lives 

A happy ending
Right when the meeting was over, a stranger put his hand up to share something he’ll never forget

Under her nose
I got sober when I was 24, and I often state that you don’t stop drinking when you’re 24 unless it was really bad

The best part of the evening
With 26 days sober, it was her birthday and she had an emotional meeting with her parents. But a surprise was yet to come

Emotional Sobriety
16 carrot gold
A day to celebrate, a member to comfort ... listening to her inner voice was a piece of cake

Things could be worse
Just at that moment “The whiskey ain’t workin” came over my car radio. That did it for me. I began grinning from ear to ear

Into Action
Kid u not
Coffee on, toys out, literature open. How a child-friendly meeting grew up

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