May 2017 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Diversity

Not from here
The love in the rooms helps a
young Pakistani alcoholic see that
he's not as unique  as he thought

Loud & clear
A lesbian with extreme hearing loss
learns that no matter how different
she feels, if she wants to get sober,
she belongs
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Never too old
A delegate from Canada reminds
us not to forget about our
octogenarian members

My belief, your belief
A member shares about his own
spiritual journey in AA and says we
all need time to find our place

Holy smoke, what now!
Nearly half a century ago, our
co-founder expressed a few
thoughts about young people and

Priest with a secret 
After a few months sober, he knew
it was time to tell the group how 
different he was. Would they let 
him stay?

Full spectrum
A recent chair of the General
Service Board shares his thoughts
about diversity

Steps and Traditions
Just listening
Though nervous to sit down with a
woman she did not know, she had
time, experience and with God's
help, an open ear
Not sure yet
A past delegate shares how his
group welcomes newcomers who
don't yet know if they belong

Spiritual Awakenings
Simply surrender
The spiritual connection she
desperately sought for years
appeared when she found AA

Our Personal Stories
Unwanted visitor
From his prison cell, a member
writes about the harrowing
drunken night he still can't recall

Quite an impression
Many of us have a shameful
family event we never want to
remember—or forget. This one roared

Piggly Wiggly
Even as a kid, this small-town
alcoholic couldn't stop once he
started. Now he can't get enough of

Emotional Sobriety
Simple & good
With a bit of mustard, one member
orders up a hot dog just like he
does his sobriety

Into Action
New dimensions
After many years in AA, she
discovered the Third Legacy and
her sobriety blasted off


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