July 2018 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: The Prison Issue

Freedom is sweet
He was way too cool for AA in prison, but the sober guys in the yard had something that got his attention

End run
His prison was filled with alcohol and drugs, but luckily he began to do laps with a guy named Skyler

Opened my eyes
There’s not a doubt in my mind that were the laws different when I drank, I would still be wearing orange

Keeping it real
What Renee and Becky taught her traveled into her heart. Now she turns around and gives it back

One on one
Neither men have any AA meetings in their facilities, and it can be pretty darn hard for them because alcohol and drugs are inside prison too

How I tell my story
A former prisoner writes about honesty, acceptance and the careful way he shares about his past

Mary in Folsom
I don’t know what crimes they are incarcerated for, and I don’t want to know. I know who they are now and that’s enough for me

Maximum picnic
Doing service in prison not only feeds her soul, but sometimes even her stomach

Hurricane Relief
Grapevine really helps me carry the message in here. Reading the stories each month definetely keeps me going 

Steps and Traditions
Speaking of humility
What? After weeks of research and rehearsal for his big talk about Step Seven they chose a different speaker?

Brewing new ideas
When a group treasurer discovered a financial predicament, the members stepped up with a plan

Our Personal Stories
Following orders
For years, a drunken Navy man stayed out of trouble. But one day, his wife and boss called him in

Purrrrfect solution
Taking on the responsibility of owning a cat was a lot different than just spending an hour or so with our sober house cat

Putting me back together again
With sound AA advice and a good sponsor, a member with mental illness finds her way

The big shot
He got fired, his wife just had a baby and he was in big legal trouble. Boy, did he need a drink

Into Action
A date to remember
Dinner, movie and Twelfth Step call. Sounds like the perfect evening

I found my pack
It’s a place she can join in, belong and know that someone has her back. It’s her home group

Spiritual Awakenings
Plugging in
When AAs get together, something powerful happens, he says. It’s up to us to join in

Something to behold
An old-timer from Tennessee shares about all the love he’s gotten from AA since 1955

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