June 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover:
Fun in Sobriety

In Good Company
She took a leap of faith into her first sober rafting trip and her HP supplied the extra paddles

Like Madison Square Garden
Hotdogs, newcomers, guitars, tattoos and plenty of AA coffee. This was no ordinary talent show

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Out of the Gutter
With the Steps at their back, they take their aim. These sober bowlers are striking it big and sparing nothing but joy

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1100 Incredible Miles
Packed with a lot of gear and a little insanity, a Kansas man hops on his bike and heads to Atlanta for AA's 80th big year

Fellowship on Ice
For these members in Ontario, this long-time tournament is the kind of AA action they love

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Steps and Traditions
Defects, What Defects?
Step Six doesn't make us into robots. It helps us get the willingness to change

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Raising the Roof
For a motion to raise money to fix up a church, Tradition Six hit the nail on the head

Our Personal Stories
Going Down
He was escorted to the elevators the day he was fired. Then booze escorted him to AA

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Drunk Mother
Her husband knew something was wrong, but it took a while to find out why she was acting so strange

Back to Court
The last time she was here, she had broken teeth, two broken ribs and an eye swollen shut

Spiritual Awakenings
A Sweet Sign
On a beautiful country drive to visit his sisters, something was trying to get his attention

Emotional Sobriety
Lightening the Load
With her sponsor showing the way, she unexpectedly becomes a caregiver and learns to take care of herself

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At Wit's End
Alcoholism at Large