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No Mattter What

Sharing my secret
Angry and lonely, he stayed quiet about his reading skills. Then one day he was able to help others

In my darkest hour
When he lost his wife after 51 years of marriage, he knew exactly what to do and where to go

From three and a half feet
With a little help and love from her AA friends, she heads off to the bus for her 7 a.m. meeting

All things are possible
After a mother loses her son, she finds that listening and sharing are beautiful gifts she can give others

I cried almost every day
A mother wraps herself up in every AA tool she can after the tragic loss of her husband

Steps and Traditions
Open up
A doorknob for a Higher Power? Some people just laugh at this, but one member thinks there’s a reason it might help someone

Time to redecorate
That picture needed to come down, but what could she do? Why, bring it to the group for a vote, of course!

Our Personal Stories
A good cry in the desert
After losing his long battle with alcohol, a soldier finally surrenders to win

Queen of the Silver Dollar
Every evening at 9:15 a group of a half dozen people would come in, grab a table and drink coffee. I became friends with them

Cutting Back
Not only has he stopped slurring and weaving all over the yard, but he now has a much nicer lawn

What’s on Your Mind?
Not my finest hour
A member says it’s OK to share that we’re not always grateful and that we’re not having a wonderful day

Something had to change
She thought changing her outsides would work, but once she met Heather, she got to work on the insides

My lucky day
A nervous newcomer cautiously shows up for his daughter’s wedding. Luckily he has a good sponsor

On Fire
Luckily, I’ve calmed down a bit. I get to laugh at myself when I look at all the phases I went through. I now get to practice Rule 62

Into Action
Tony, Darryl, Jan, Joe & Nancy
How chairing in a phone meetingfilled one member with joy as he made a bunch of new friends from Nevada to D.C.

Young & Sober
My authentic self
Filled with rage and punk rock, her teen years were rough. But since coming to AA, she has reinvented her life

Fun in Sobriety
Swing freely
For this sober golfer, the lessonshe’s learned in AA are a lot like the game he loves

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