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Wyoming & California


Crayons, cookies & kisses
With Steps, coffee and baskets of toys, some California mothers stay sober together

Not costly
In 1966, five AA groups in Wyoming and California found a way to meet over the telephone—priceless!

The problem and the actress
In 1960, a Hollywood star tells of her fear of being found out and what it took to get help in AA—courage

A wind of spirit
A Wyoming man’s relapse on Thanksgiving day leads him back to the Steps and a spiritual journey

Me—a Speaker?
I told my story in 12 minutes. It wasn’t earth-shaking. Nobody seemed impressed. Nobody except me. I thought it was all a miracle

Steps and Traditions
Calm and quiet
After struggling to find an Eleventh Step practice that works for him, he took a leap of faith and finally found emotional balance

The parade in my head
Most people think about 200 thoughts a minute, and 95 percent of our thoughts are repetitive. I’m learning how to “watch the parade.”

Smarter phones
Texting and posting can be tricky when it comes to anonymity. There are guidelines that can help

Now, That’s attraction
She never really told me much about AA or sobriety. Instead, she showed me. She never shoved it down anyone’s throat. No, this woman practiced attraction

Our Personal Stories
Wherever you go
Her move to Florida would’ve gone a whole lot easier had she remembered her sponsor’s wise words

What happened to Ted?
The first time I saw Ted I hoped he would not come near me. He smelled like stale booze and he looked like he might throw up. I said, “God, please don’t let him sit next to me.”

Closing argument
Facing five years in jail, a sober dad stands before a judge and gets something much longer-lasting

Into Action
3 days to freedom
They cried, laughed and shared secrets. At a picnic table on the prison yard, his life changed forever

Hidden treasure
Meeting locked, sponsor unavailable, angry as hell...what was this newcomer to do? Thank God he loved old books

Spiritual Awakenings
Free to explore
A lifelong spiritual seeker gets sober and continues his search for a Higher Power

Pass the gravy
There’s nothing like a Thanksgiving dinner to put the Third Step to the test

Here all along
She couldn’t stop crying and didn’t understand a thing, until a woman in the parking lot said hello

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