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On the Cover: Sober Holidays

Thumbing for the holidays
Broke and lonely, a newcomer looking to do service hits the road and gets an unexpected surprise

Holiday surprise
As a special treat, she brought goodies to her AA meeting. What could possibly go wrong?

Counting days with Santa
Out on a family shopping trip, a nervous newcomer encounters someone way too jolly

Woody’s gift
Why would a man leave his warm home on Christmas Eve to drive 17 miles in the snow?

Picture perfect
Take the opportunity this year to be in as many photographs as possible-sober 

Remote Communities
Light in a long winter
Here’s to the people like Victor, who keep the coffee going even when no one’s around

Long distance hugs
I can still suffer the pain of loneliness here in Faro, but now I have some great tools. I can actually feel the love over the phone. 

Steps and Traditions
A priceless cut
You never know when you might save a life between a shampoo and a blow-dry

When a stranger calls
The woman answered my call. She had been drinking and was in town for some work-related training. It was obvious she needed some help soon.

Another sister
How an uncomfortable situation causing her to remain anonymous became a beautiful opportunity to help

Our Personal Stories
In need of a hug
A man with 10 months goes back to prison, his entire support system gone. How would he stay sober?

My feet stay right here
One day, I downed a drink. It took me two years to get back to AA, mostly because of my pride.

Lookin’ good
She kept up a good front as she drank down the liquor and ran from her emotional past

Loving arms
One of the things I enjoy about AA is going to meetings when I travel or visit a new place

Complete pass
Now when he takes the family to the stadium, he makes better plays and remembers the game

Loving William
Shed said, "I have a nephew who was just admitted to a nursing home with end-stage cirrhosis." At that point, every hair on my body stood up.

Into Action
Every chair matters
Thanks to his buddy Kevin, the meeting before the meeting became a beautiful thing

Orange is the new insanity
A newcomer scrubs her way through the first three Steps. And scrubs and scrubs and scrubs

New tricks
An early morning group in Massachusetts teaches an old-timer that it’s never too late to learn

Spiritual Awakenings
A clear sign
For some, a spiritual experience arrives as a miracle and can even happen at 65 mph

Home Group
Deal me in
It’s wasn’t who won or lost, it was about the stories the old-timers told

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