February 2016 Table of Contents

This month's special section is No Matter What:
AA members share how they stay sober through difficult times.

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I Found My Place
Through painful obstacles, a woman with mental illness stays sober and learns to help others

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Something to Ease the Pain
For his diagnosis, he stayed close to his doctor. To stay sober, he got a new sponsee

The Last Time I Saw My Daughter
Getting sober with her child wasn’t easy, but what happened after Mother’s Day was almost more than she could bear

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I Used Every Tool I Had
A fire destroyed everything she owned—but not her desire to stay sober

Turning Points
A sober mom recalls how her most painful experience turned into a source of hope for others

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Steps and Traditions
A Place in the Sun
As the dolphins leaped and his daughter smiled, he knew his Higher Power had brought him to this moment

Time to Rotate
A sure way to grow is to become a trusted servant, but an even better way is to step down and let others have a chance

Our Personal Stories
The Last Candle
His daughter got an award that night, but he got an even better one

No House, No Dog
The tough choices she made in early sobriety paid off in a most beautiful way

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What’s On Your Mind?
Go the Extra Mile
A desperate call on a rainy night reminds a sober mom of our Responsibility Statement

Sponsor Shopping
He headed out to find a new guy to help him, but returned with a cart full of compassion

Spiritual Awakenings
An Unsuspected Inner Resource
If there’s something deep inside that’s smarter and kinder, then why not listen to it?

My Son’s Shrink
He thought he was called in to discuss someone else’s problem. Boy, was he wrong

Into Action
My Angel, Billy
You never know who’s going to give you hope and maybe even save your life

In Every Issue
Dear Grapevine
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large