May 2016 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Getting Involved in General Service

Why We Do It
Service beyond the group ensures that AA will be here for the alcoholic not yet in the door

What Happens in the Van ...
These service-loving AAs put no breaks on the fun while taking our message on the road

Slow Grower
His sponsor planted the seed of general service, but it didn’t take root right away. He had to get there on his own

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Report Back at Whetstone Yard
A delegate gets to share about our General Service Conference in a most unexpected place

The Perfect Scheme
She became a GSR to find romance. She fell in love alright—with the Fellowship

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Steps and Traditions
Flung Open
With the help of a good sponsor, she looked in every dark cranny and it changed her heart and soul

I Felt Like a Queen
She first learned to carry the message washing ashtrays. Her group made her start at the top

Our Personal Stories
A Second 20
Missing his 20-year cake was no laughing matter. This time, he’s all smiles

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Mother’s Day
A once-drunken daughter takes her mom a special gift and ends up getting one herself

Into Action
The Man from AA
We show up, we help out, we comfort the suffering alcoholic—because that’s what we do

It was bad enough his sponsor volunteered him for coffee, but chairs and cleanup too?

Once an Orphan
How a priest, a woman, an upholsterer and AA helped a young man live a long, wonderful life

Emotional Sobriety
Bedtime Story
Through sadness and joy, a sober mom is grateful to be present for her life

In Every Issue
Alcoholism at Large
At Wit’s End