March 2015 Table of Contents

Ever since our co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, met to talk about their drinking in Akron, Ohio in 1935, the special one-on-one bond of sponsorship has been a vital part of alcoholics getting and staying sober in AA. This month, our special section features wonderful stories of the ways members use sponsorship to stay sober and connected to live full, happy lives.

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Special Section: My Higher Power
True North
How an old-timer found his HP on the high seas

I Found God on Madison Avenue
After years of searching, his moment came, somewhere around 58th Street

A Different Shade
Once her sponsor showed her how to put down the broad brush, things brightened up

Out of the Closet
An atheist shares about her long sober journey in Alcoholics Anonymous

Danger, Construction Ahead
While his brain tried to grasp the mysteries of the universe, his sponsor just chuckled

My Golden Chariot
A member in India thanks AA for helping her get sober and making her feel at home

A Thousand Wishes
Alone on a porch, he found his faith up in the evening sky

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After the Blizzard
After a tragic childhood and years of drinking, she found AA and came in from the cold

Steps and Traditions
This Fabulously Messy Sober Ball
There’s nothing like illness, surgery and family matters to remind us to embrace Step Three

Ready to Bolt
In a chair by the door he waited for the first mention of God. Then Tradition Three came to his rescue

Our Personal Stories
Lean Into It
A leap in the deep end and some AA tools helped her get past her lifelong fears

I am OK to Drive
She found out the hard way how dead wrong she was

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A newcomer learns to redefine herself—and get a little bit wild

What’s on your mind?
To Chant or Not to Chant
Is it good for the group? One member says maybe not

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Emotional Sobriety
Live Easy But Think First
When he wonders why his life is so much better now, all he has to do is look up at his meeting wall

In Every Issue
Dear Grapevine
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large