July 2019 Table of Contents


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On the Cover: The Prison Issue

Better than Monday night football
For a member in Oklahoma, making the trip behind the walls is the best night of the week

A loner in Mississippi
If any loner is reading this, I hope they see that sobriety can be achieved even if you lack physical contact with other sober alcoholics

Bring to the table
A sober prisoner discovers that hanging out in the day room is the place to be

A new freedom
When the right guy showed up to help him through the Fifth Step, his life changed forever

Something positive
I’m one of the few guys trying to better myself. Maybe, by my example, I might be able to help other alcoholics in here who are suffering

Through her letters
A woman with 20 years gets her gratitude back from a member who’s lost her freedom

What my brother taught me
A probation and parole officer learns to love AA from the man whose calls she dreaded most

The best tool
A member in prison gets to help two newcomers and leaves them with some words that last

Steps and Traditions
Hairy moment
A mom trims back a knotty shortcoming by putting down the scissors and picking up the phone

Defining humility
I concluded that I should not be proud of or ashamed of the things I do. I should be humbly in the middle somewhere

Trust funds
A sober accountant gets into General Service and sees how his area spends its money in a totally new light

Our Personal Stories
What kind of cult is this?
No way was he as bad as those people in the meetings. Surely this AA was not for him

This driller and blaster always felt different. But the thing that made her the same was her drinking

What a lift!
A ride up the mountain with his AA friends takes a serious turn but delivers a memorable surprise

A front-row seat
Helping other guys not only keeps him sober but gives him the gift to see God change lives

Hope he stays
During some of our heated discussions, when he says he was happier drinking, I tell him to go out and try some more drinking.

Home Group
Get the coffee brewing
It’s Thursday noon, and someone on Guam needs a meeting. Stations everyone!

So, what is our General Service Board?
A trustee helps explain what one of our three corporations does and how it serves the Fellowship

Into Action
Sunday school
With an open heart, a member helps her pastor understand our Fellowship a little better

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