September 2014 Table of Contents

Whether we “nearly lost it all,” as the Big Book refers to it, or we “stopped in time,” most alcoholics are quite lucky to have made it through the doors of AA at all. In this month’s special section, we feature stories by members who got to AA in their 50s, 60s, 70s or later.

Letter from the Editor

Dear Grapevine: Letters from Readers

On the Cover: Getting Sober Later In Life

20 Golden Years
Some men get a gold watch when they retire. He got a whole new life

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Cold Comfort
With a club soda in hand and the Fellowship at his back, he returned to his former career

A New Life for Aunt Patricia
She wanted to paint and garden when she retired, but martinis and hangovers came first

Panic at the Top
With her international acclaim rising sky-high, how could she possibly be an alcoholic?

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Pride and Possessions
At 59, she left her old life behind. Thank goodness she kept coming back

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Listen Sonny
Desperate to not pick up one morning, a 60-year-old newcomer meets his match

Steps and Traditions
The Road from Reno
On a cross-country trip with his parents, a son learns a valuable lesson while making amends to his mom

Behind the Scenes
That meeting book in his hand did not magically appear

Our Personal Stories
Walking Zombie
With bottle in hand, a mother of four sleepwalked through life, until one day a cop woke her up

Tragedy in the Night
His drive to prove he didn't need AA led to a dangerous turn

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Into Action
Garage Group
AA saved his life, service remodeled his home

What's On Your Mind?
What about Drugs?
One member feels we might be getting too strict when we tell our drinking stories

Spiritual Awakenings
Remembering the Light
The building was abandoned, as was his life, but he had not yet given up on his faith

A Call from the Bus Station
A man with 66 years of sobriety finds a letter from a sponsee he had back in the 60s

Trouble Calling
A newcomer learns the hard way that when it comes to romance, keep your sponsor on speed dial

Emotional Sobriety
Good Things Come
With AA, a member in Hawaii weathers some storms and cruises into calmer waters

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