August 2017 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Carry the Message

Keeping my place
Thanks to his Big Book, a father in Michigan built a history in sobriety—sometimes with crayons

Hello Mr. Blue
After a personal loss, a member near Lake Huron made a four-legged friend who helped open his heart

In a Michigan doctor’s office, a
newcomer turned the page in a
magazine—and her sobriety

Good Medicine
The two helpful sayings I still use in
my tool kit

One story at a time
A former delegate challenges himself
to write for Grapevine every month
—service with a pen

Instant Topic - Just add alcoholics
When I first got sober I did the
recommended 90 meetings in 90 days

Highlight of the evening
On Tuesday nights, she got to deliver
some hope. And some she put right in
their hands

Steps and Traditions
Say what you need to say
How his fear of making amends to his
brother ended with a song

Lunch & service
When she took out her sandwich, he
got to see what a special worker she was

Our Personal Stories 
Delivering the truth
It was family pizza night and the food
had arrived. So had her moment of clarity

The corner
The comfort he gave a death row prisoner
for a crime committed in a blackout
changed his life forever

The endless glass of wine
Close call at a nearby eatery

Full of shame and remorse, she just wanted
everyone to go away. Turns out all she
needed was a loving hand

Cups of love
AWhen it was time to do dishes, he was
first in line. Who knew it would calm his
crazy mind?

Down & out in DC
An old-timer remembers when he couldn’t
keep a job or a marriage. But he sure
knew where the liquor was

Getting better
My Higher Power stepped in and showed
me the way

What's On Your Mind?
Too much too soon?
One member says reading “How It Works”
might not be the best way to set newcomers
on the right course

Emotional Sobriety
Two glooms making light
On a trip to Joshua Tree, fear took him down.
Luckily a call to someone else in the dark made
things a lot brighter

Running the universe
How am I carrying the message to other
alcoholics? Am I doing everything I can?

Fun in Sobriety
One s’more at a time
After a beautiful day on the Saco River,
members trade shares and laughs by the fire.
How’s that for adventure?

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