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At Wit’s End

October 2022 | Relapse

The Show’s Over

October 2022 | Relapse
Fueled by liquor and fear, he had so many roles he forgot who he was. Then one day, he got to play himself

A World with Clear Eyes

October 2022 | Relapse
When he was drinking, he was lost in his emotions. The Steps of AA helped bring him back

Getting On With My Day

October 2022 | Relapse
I’m alone a lot nowadays, and I have disabilities.
I’m not able to work at a steady job either, yet I’m still thankful. I’m trying to make every day count.


October 2022 | Relapse
A longtime member recalls her rocky start, shopping her way sober while looking for “love”

Put me to Work

October 2022 | Relapse
When you show up at a district meeting looking for a job, it doesn’t take long before you get one

Making the call

October 2022 | Relapse
She used to reach for a drink; now she grabs the phone. It’s a simple action that saves lives

Following Along

October 2022 | Relapse
It wasn’t until I was sober a while and had listened to hundreds of speakers that I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t as unique as I once thought.

FEARis Wheel

October 2022 | Relapse
A fun sober trip to the circus with the kids—what could possibly go wrong? Cue the Serenity Prayer!

The Day My Life Changed

October 2022 | Relapse
When that little plus sign appeared on the pregnancy test, her world shifted


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