From the April 2013 magazine.

April 2013: I Wasn't Just a Number

Because AA showed up, she got connected and finally beat the odds

While incarcerated at womens’ correctional facility in Georgia, I began to attend AA meetings there on Sunday and Monday nights. The group is called the One Percenters Group, named for the belief that only 1% of inmates remain sober after their release from prison. I had attended AA meetings before when I was in various county jails and state prisons, but I never had contacts on the outside, and I never felt connected in the real world. Each time I got locked up, I would have to reconnect with AA once again to find sobriety. This time was different.

Our outside AA guy who brought in meetings at Emanuel, David J., took an interest in each of us. To him, we weren’t just a number or another outcast from society; we were fellow alcoholics. He welcomed us into the Fellowship, and I began to feel like I belonged somewhere. David kept a check on our parole dates to insure that the gap between incarceration and re-entry was “bridged.” As a result, I filled out a Bridge the Gap form, and he submitted it to the Area 16 Corrections Committee.

-- Jodi F.

Forrest Park, Georgia

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