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Dear Grapevine July 2020

Magazine Issue July 2020 | Topics None

Dear Grapevine

July 2020 | AA Around The World

A grateful holiday

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
Though not the fancy getaway he was used to, the journey this year was to himself

Gone fishing

October 2019 | Is AA Accessible to all who need it?
A member in Canada fondly recalls his early days and reminds us of surrender and contentment

Following instructions

September 2019 | Young & Sober

Journey home

August 2019 | African-American Alcoholics in AA
Though her father and brother didn’t make it, she and her sister knew exactly where to go

No longer a victim

June 2019 | Letting Go of Resentments
With a little prayer and Step work, she learned to let go of the anger she had about her ex

Higher Powers and Nonbelievers

February 2019 | Stories by Our Longtime Members
He was finally going to admit the fact that he was ‘happy, joyous and God-free.’ Would others in the rooms accept him?

28 hours straight

December 2018 | Sober for the Holidays and Remote Communities
There’s nothing like a good alkathon to keep him sane, sober and useful during the holidays

At Home in AA History

December 2018 | Sober for the Holidays and Remote Communities
She wondered why her new apartment had such an aura of serenity. It turned out to be the birthplace of AA in her hometown


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