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Magazine Issue

Family Secret

April 2023 | AA & Families
After years of drinking and pain, sobriety prepared a mother for a wonderful unexpected reunion

Discussion Topic

April 2023 | AA & Families
Alcohol and family life

With Tolerance & Love

April 2023 | AA & Families
Tolerance was the key to our relationship. She and I developed “key words” to help us. When there was tension, Karen could say, “Hot chocolate.” That was my clue to call my sponsor.

Accepting Dad

April 2023 | AA & Families
Making peace with the past can be rocky, but one thing she can count on—in AA she found home

Knowing When to Leave

April 2023 | AA & Families
After 33 years of marriage, it was decision time. With AA’s help, she made her move

Welcome home

April 2023 | AA & Families
It took a lot of time, patience and work before the kids allowed me back into their lives. Today, I’m a different mom. I’m a good mom.

Best little meeting in Utah

April 2023 | AA & Families
When drama exploded on a sibling camping trip, the perfect solution became a family affair

Dear Grapevine

April 2023 | AA & Families

Letter from the Editor

April 2023 | AA & Families

Alcoholism At Large

Magazine Issue April 2023 | Topics Research


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